Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wildlife and SuperMoon

Another quite day today -
mixing with the wildlife, swimming in the pool and soaking up the SuperMoon. 
My first experience with the wildlife today was at 5.30am. I could hear what sounded like two dogs barking at each other in the distance. Then I realised they had a consistent rhythm going on.....Then I realised it was these two guys talking to each cute.
This one was really keeping an eye (or two) on me!!

I got a wink from this one.

Then at lunch time we decided to go and get a sandwich from the Bakery - really only shop in town to get anything. There was a family of these Blue Faced Honey Eaters hanging around, but today it wasn't honey they were interested in. They wanted Corned Beef and Salad sandwich......MINE. He jumped on the table to help me eat my lunch. So to keep the peace I broke some of the roll off and threw it on the ground for him, And blow me down if he didn't pick it up and flew to the table top next to us and ate his lunch! Manners I guess.

Tonight's SuperMoon is absolutely amazing when there are no city lights surrounding you. At 8.00pm I joined in (in thought only as I was totally all alone in the darkness) with many others around the world and meditated for about 20 mins and it was great.

OK we are all ready to soak up the moon light now!!
Full Moon (let alone SuperMoon) if a perfect time to cleanse your crystals.
We are leaving Kakadu National Park in the morning and not to sure if I will have any Internet connection for the next couple of days.
So if I don't, have a great couple of days and may all you wish for come you way.


  1. A picture of a winking owl. Very good and lucky.


  2. That super moon was really something, wasn't it. Just gorgeous.

    You have a great eye to spot the owl. I've never seen one in person. He's a beauty.

    Enjoy, jj

  3. Those owls must be trusting to be so close....but then again I am sure they can defend themselves very well.
    That 20 minute meditation must have been a good experience considering the moon and all those people around the world joining in too.


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