Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Do It

For some reason I have a very out of sorts the past couple of days. I haven't felt well, I have been unmotivated and I have been really missing my Mum and Dad. It has just gone 2 years 9 months since Mum passed away and 5 months since Dad has gone and the past couple of days it has gotten to me a bit. So today I thought to myself - self what would Mum say if she was here? She would say just get up and do something, keep you mind active!! So after working this morning I came home and decided to sit in the studio and just make some bracelets without really thinking to much about anything. I ended up making five and even though they are not mind blowing original masterpieces I'm really happy with how they turned out and they did give me something to think about other than my feelings.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Angel Brunch @ Rivers of Yarrambat

Today I had a lovely time at "Angel Brunch". We went to a new location called "Rivers of Yarrambat" which is a Cafe, Providore, Garden Nursery, Conference Centre and Health & Wellbeing Centre.  It was such a nice time spent at a great location with great food and five very inspiring women. It's great spending time with girls who have some of the same interest but are totally different. As we due some Angel Card Readings it's always good to have a question you would like an answer to. Usually my questions are a bit flaky but today I had a really specific question in mind. Well not to disappoint the cards I got answered my question exactly and I mean exactly. I know there are a lot of people out there that think all this Angel Reading stuff is a bit weird and not quite true. But when you get an exact answer to a fairly specific question you really cannot doubt that something is going on. So now I know that the road I am taking in my life is the right road I'm happy. That doesn't mean there with be times of doubt in the future but I'll cross that bridge if I get to it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Finally I have uploaded some of my jewellery onto my sister blog. Eventually I will get a proper business website set up, but until then I will give myself some exposure on DavineRaeDesign. I would love you all you follow my sister blog and I would also love your comments and suggestions.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Catch Up

Oh I have had such a busy and tiring few days I have hardly looked at any blogs let alone write anything. But I am here and loving catching up on some reading. OK now what have I been doing since Wednesday? Thursday I had a few hours work and then went and roamed around the “Quilt and Craft Fair”. These types of events are not good for a crafter that is also a non-finisher. I really made an effort not to purchase any new projects. All was going well until I got to the bead area and I got just a little carried away. When I got home I hit the wall again (as in the being exhausted wall) and I had a nice bath and had an early night. Then Friday – what did I do Friday? I had an early appointment at out patients, to get the results of my operation. After a two hour wait, I finally got to see the Dr. – might I add for about 10 minutes. Anyway she was happy how the surgery went; apparently it was a lot more involved and longer than they initially thought. But pathology has tested everything and all is clear, but that wasn’t a surprise for me – I knew all would be OK. Then Friday afternoon I went to work – I once again hit the wall and had times where it was hard to keep my eyes open. It just amazes me how draining having an anaesthetic can be. When does it wear of?? Then last night I went to a card making class with some girlfriends. Here is a photo of the card we made. It’s hard to see by the photo but when the tag is pulled the pictures open up. I think it turned out OK. Now I am up to today – Shane arrived home from Darwin – with my pressie – and a bit sunburnt. It’s amazing to think in one country Shane can be in Darwin (which is right at the top) and be getting sunburnt and I can be in Melbourne (bottom) and be freezing. So much has been accomplished today except a lot of talking, oh and I completed two necklace orders I had received.
Waterfall Card
Folded out

Monday, July 19, 2010


My Monday was spent working at “Homing Instincts” and as usual it was a very enjoyable day. It is so nice spending the day in a shop with not only beautiful but really interesting products. This was my first full day of work since my operation and by 5.00pm when I finished I was pretty tired. Next on the agenda was dinner – what to have? I couldn’t decide what to have but I quickly decided I couldn’t be bothered cooking. So off to the noodle shop I went and shouted myself a big bowl of Chinese noodle soup. While walking to the shop I had to pass by a fountain and I must say I thought it looked beautiful. Someone had put some liquid soap in it and it was just a mountain of shimmering bubbles that were getting blown across the court. I know this is a form of graffiti and who ever did it shouldn’t have, but I still think it looks great. I remember years ago there was a fountain in the city that had also been bubbled but the bubbles also had red food colouring added as well. Oh my - it was beautiful.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Weekend

Our “Saturday Girls Pizza Pyjama Night” turned out to be a huge success, but first I have to share my preparation saga with you. I thought I would share a special desert that I had seen prepared on the “Food Channel”. The process was to melt some dark chocolate and make a chocolate cup by dipping a small balloon into the chocolate and after it sets filling it with ice cream, fresh fruit and cream. I made the first cup and it turned out beautifully, so it was onto the second. I got the second one made and it was sitting on the bench waiting to set, when all of a sudden the balloon burst and I had dark chocolate from one end of the kitchen to the other. So I thought I would make the next one and get it straight into the fridge to set it quick. So the balloon was dipped and in the fridge. After a couple of minutes I checked in the fridge and to my shock the bloody balloon had burst in my fridge. So not only did I have dark chocolate all over the kitchen but all over the inside of the fridge. All I could do was lean back on the bench and laugh uncontrollably. So after trying to clean up as much dark chocolate as I could – it is not as easy to clean up as you think – I moved onto plan two. I decided to forgo the balloons and just make chocolate cup by coating cup cake papers. So in the end the desert turned out really yummy.

Chocolate Fridge

Choc Cups
Our pizzas were yummy as well, with one being seafood, one being a meat lovers, a garlic pizza and one having everything from ham to avocado to spinach. I must say that they were as good as I have had at any pizza restaurant.

Yummy Pizza
After dinner one of the girls – Robyn – gave us all a little lesson on making an accordion card which was a lovely way to finish the night of.

Pretty Card
We did have some games to play, but decided to leave them until our next fun night together as it was then 1.30am and we were all getting a bit drowsy.

After my late night last night I have had a pretty lazy day today – although I did get all of my ironing finished. This afternoon I watched the DVD “Abraham – The Secret behind the Secret” with Jerry & Ester Hicks". It is a really thought provoking and enjoyable movie. What a lovely way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Anaesthetic Brain !!

Well I must say I haven’t had a very productive week. Each day I start out with great intentions, but by about 1.00pm I am so tired I just have to sit down and usually fall asleep. I never dreamed having my operation would affect me so much. I guess being under a general anaesthetic for 2 ½ hours has to have some effect on my body. I did at least stay awake all day today, so I was able to get some essential stuff like washing clothes and dishes done. I don’t feel like today has been a huge waste. I know I have to give my body time but there’s stuff I want to do and I have proven to me I am a bit impatient. Oh well tomorrow is another day and something will get done. I am having some girlfriends over tomorrow night for a “make yourself pizza night”. For a bit of fun we will all have our PJ’s on and we will play some games and just be silly all together.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Journal

In keeping with my “Creative Challenge” July theme, I felt I wanted to do just a mindless bit of creativity. Quite a while ago I started a “creative journal” called “All About Me”. At first I was all enthusiastic about this project then quickly became a bit overwhelmed as just which direction to take and what to include. At the same time I was still caring for my Dad and spending time with him was way more important. I did a couple of pages and then to my usual form put it away to do “one day”. So now is the time for me to get my journal out and just do it. I decided to sticky note pages with the letters of the alphabet and then just do a page for a particular letter as the creative light bulb went on. Today I completed an “M” page for my Medicine Wheel for 2010. It is such a relaxing experience just sitting and letting your creativity flow.

My Journal

Shane headed of to Darwin today for his annual 10 day break. He goes every July with a group of about 8 other “blokes” and they spend their 10 days, going to the footy, going to the races, eating and I would imagine getting quite a lot of drinking in. He has a great time but I must admit it is nice to have the house to myself for the 10 days. I always give myself some project to complete while he is away. My ten days this year I am going to sort through all the paperwork, old magazines, recipes and miscellaneous paper items I have sitting on the table next to me.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Well my big day yesterday certainly did catch up with me today. I sort of expected it to, considering I have just had my operation. I have decided this week needs to be a convalescing week for me so this morning I took myself off to have my nails done and had a bit of a snooze this afternoon. It’s amazing how much an anaesthetic and operation can take out of you.

Now we all know how I am always up for a challenge and “Goddess Michelle” from “Joy Express” has proposed that July be a “Creative Challenge Month”. So seeing I have a list the length of your arm with “UFO” (unfinished objects) craft projects I think that my recuperation time should be spent sitting completing some of the projects I was really passionate about when I started them. Not only am I a bit of a procrastinator but I have the reoccurring habit of starting a project and before I finish it I find something else I want to do. So what do I do – just start the new project! I am not as bad as I used to be, but I have often wondered why some of us always finish what we start before heading on to another project and then there are those of us who just get distracted. I’d love to now how many of you out there are in the same boat as me and has boxes full of half finished projects?

Of course I will be honest and blog about my finished projects.
NO - not this sort of UFO!!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Groovy Goddesses

I have had the best day. I am on the mend from my sinus operation feeling much better today and just as well as I spent the day with the other “Groovy Goddesses” at the “Lifestyle and Wellness Expo”. Today was our first venture as the “Groovy Goddesses” which are Michelle doing Angel Readings, Deb doing Reiki, Carol with her handmade Candles, Maria being our Manager of sorts and me with my jewellery. The Expo wasn’t hugely busy, but it was a great experience day for our first. There were some interesting stands there with readings being performed, aura photos being taken, Henna tattoos being magnificently drawn – I actually got one – people indulging in relaxing massages and generally lots of people with the same interests having a lovely relaxing day. You never know today could be the start of more enjoyable days for the “Groovy Goddesses”.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Nose has Survived

Hello all, yes I am back from the depths of the Heidelberg Repat Hospitals operating theatre. The operation went fine – I am presuming. I must say I was so so scared as I lay on the bed in the waiting room. Then when they took me into the operating theatre and I was sliding onto the table I just wanted to jump up and leave the building. They said to keep my eyes open as long as I could!!! You are kidding – there was no way I was closing those little buggers until I was totally sound asleep!!!. There is really no pain in my nose and no bruising. Just a bit of swelling and a majorly blocked nose that is really annoying when I want to eat, or talk at the same time as breathe. Last night I thought I was fine and tackled a few things and then jumped in the shower. Guess I wasn’t a good as I thought because I almost passed out in the shower. I keep getting a bit dizzy but I guess that is from having my sinuses cleaned out and now totally blocked. I am thinking I will be bombarded with smells once I am totally unblocked. The Drs. Have said it could take up to a month before I am unblocked – nooooo.

Tomorrow I have the Lifestyle Expo to go to with my jewellery. I am really not to sure how I will handle it!! I guess if I take it easy I should be fine. OK I am now going to have a bit of a snooze and check in again later. Thanks everyone for your comments and phone calls.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Getting Organised

Today has been a day of getting things organised.

As we are now in the new financial year, I have been getting all of my 2009/2010 taxation paperwork organised.
Tomorrow I am working all day and then having a much looked forward to dinner with my girlfriends – Marjie, Jenni and Sheri, I thought I had better get my PJ’s, toiletries and paperwork organised for my hospital visit on Wednesday.
As I mentioned yesterday, I am participating in the Wellness Expo next Sunday, I thought it best get all of my stock etc. organised, just incase I am a bit under the weather for the rest of the week.

I guess there is no getting away from having it; sometimes we just have to spend time on getting our lives organised.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July Theme - Abundance

I have had a fairly quiet Sunday; waking at almost 11.00am was a bit weird. I guess my body needed to have a good sleep in. I spent most of my day making some jewellery pieces and organising my stock for an upcoming event. Next Sunday I am joining a group of girlfriends the “Groovy Goddesses” on a stand at the “Wellness & Lifestyle Expo”, at the Plenty Ranges Art & Convention Centre in South Morang. . The “Groovy Goddesses” consist of Deb doing Reiki, Michelle doing Angel Readings, Caroline selling her handmade Candles & Soaps, Maria getting and keeping us all organised – guess she is our manager and me with my Jewellery. I am looking so much to the day; it is just such a satisfying feeling to be actually doing something you love with people who also really love what they are doing.

Last week I was lucky enough to have Michelle of "Joy Express" help me draw my Medicine-Wheel One-Year Layout. This layout is suggested by Denise Linn in the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards Guidebook. My theme, for July, is “Abundance”.

Now I do know the meaning of abundance as mentioned in the dictionary:
1. The property of a more than adequate quantity or supply; "an age of abundance".
2. An overflowing fullness; ample sufficiency; great plenty; profusion; copious supply; superfluity; wealth: -- strictly applicable to quantity only, but sometimes used of number.

But where will the abundance come to me this month? Will it be an abundance of Activities, an abundance of Money, and abundance of Laughs, or an abundance of Love? Whatever it is I would like to think I am in the “Age of Abundance” right now.
Pearl Pendant Necklace

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day in Daylesford

Today’s journey to Daylesford was a great day, a bit chilly but great. Daylesford is a pretty trendy township, with lots of arty shops, cafes, and on the weekend’s lots of tourists. Today was the one day of the month that the “Makers Craft Market” was on, so that was first on the agenda. We then visited the local “Farmers Market”, yum you can’t go past local fresh produce. Close to Daylesford is a tiny village called “Hepburn Springs” which is an area well known for the local mineral springs and a spa resort. I wanted to go and check it out and get some information, as I think it might be just the right place for my cousin Susan and I to go spend a weekend at. It was starting to get a bit chilly so we thought it would be a good idea to have a feed of nice hot fish n’ chips – yummy. As the temperature started to drop it was still nice sitting eating our not so healthy meal looking out over Jubilee Lake. Even though it was a dreary cloudy day the reflections were pretty impressive. We finished our day of with a visit to two very dear friends of mine. Tim and Brian are the owners of a beautiful Bed and breakfast called “Old Chilli”. They are so lovely it was great to catch up after not having seen them in quite a while. So my challenge goal today was to just enjoy my day with Shane and that is exactly what I did.
Makers Market

Jubilee Lakes Reflections

Friday, July 2, 2010

Very Productive Day

My challenges were certainly on a roll today. I started with writing up my list again last night and seeing this challenge period is almost to an end, I thought I would really get some stuff done today. So I started my morning with some more revitalising meditation. This is one activity I am going to do my upmost to continue each day. After brekkie and the extra strong anti-biotic and cortisone tablets I have to take prior to my sinus surgery on Wednesday, I continued on my day completing:

  • I did the final polish of my mosaic gaze ball. Now I’m looking forward to making another project.
  • Finished painting some necklace display stands for my upcoming jewellery events.
  • Sorted through some old sheet sets, towels etc. and packed up the ones that are to be donated the “Diabetes Assoc.”
  • Gave the bathroom a good bit of spit and polish – it is now nice and sparkly.
  • Sorted through all my old receipts I have kept – just in case!!
  • I cleaned out under the carport so my beautiful new car can fit in there properly.
  • Then I finished of my evening by scanning and saving a heap more of my old photos. Now they are ready for scrapbooking. It is great how old photos can transport you to another time and place. This shot is of my kids, Shane and rachel back in 1985. Shane was 4 and Rachel was 3, oh they are so cute.
 Wow, have I had a busy day or what? But how good do I feel having accomplished and completed so much?

What will tomorrow bring? I think we are going to go for a drive to Daylesford, which is a country town about 2 hours away. So I will make sure I have my camera at the ready.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Great Thursday

Thursday in Melbourne was another chilly winter day, but oh I have had such a nice day. As I am still in my challenge phase I thought it was high time to have a day when I just did stuff for me and just went with the flow. The day started of with a sleep in, followed by a lovely warm leisurely shower. After running a couple of errands it was of to pick up Rachel for our lunch date. I decided that we should head back to the “Donnybrook Hotel” so Rachel could experience a great meal like Shane and I had last week. But I did warn her not to order the steak, cause it is just way to big. As I mentioned last time this pub is in the country and is as pubs were before the pokie invasion. Once again the meals didn’t disappoint, Rachel had a Fishermans Basket (big enough for two people) and I had Garlic Prawns with Rice. My meal was also pretty big but was so so tasty I got through almost all of it. On the way home we had a drive and look around a couple of the new housing estates. Rachel has now headed of to the football with Shane and I have just had a chat to my boy Shane up in Cairns. Now it is time for me to relax in my PJ’s , and watch Masterchef on telly. I must say I have had a good Thursday.

Tonight I thought I would share a piece of jewellery piece I made yesterday.