Thursday, March 31, 2016

March update

Wow what a busy and varied March I have had. My month started off with a week in beautiful Bali for a friends 40th. This was my 5th visit to Bali and each time I spend time there I love the people and place even more. It's funny I can't really pinpoint exactly why I love Bali so much, I just feel so comfortable being there. The Balinese people are so friendly, the bartering to some is annoying, but I treat it like a game and keep in mind the tiny amount I am actually bartering about and how much it actually means to seller.
The streets of  Bali are always busy
Just near Tanalot Temple
This time we had a few events we could have done without, for some reason I got a dose of Bali belly and unfortunately one of our party - Alice - broke her ankle. Luckily she had taken out travel insurance and once she contacted them, they took care of everything. 
Before the Bali belly and Broken leg!
The day after I arrived home I started my babysitting stint of my two granddaughters for the rest of the month while my daughter Rachel and her husband Luke went on their honeymoon to Europe. My three plus weeks with Clare (4 years old) and Mikayla (2 years) was exhausting, fun, brain draining but one of the best months I have ever had. It's so much fun spending time with little people. 
A day at the park with Clare and Mikayla
I also celebrated my 63rd birthday in March with a little birthday cake and birthday song with Clare and Mikayla celebrating with me. Then I had the joy of spending the day with all four of my grandchildren - Clare (4), O'Shea (4), Mikayla (2) and Finn (2). After getting a heart warming Happy Birthday song from all the precious treasures in my life, we then spent a great couple of hours playing at the beach in Cape Paterson.
My daughter in law Stacey with O'Shea, Finn, Clare and Mikayla
Tonight I sit here in a quiet house with the girls back with Mummy and Daddy wondering where my April will take me.