Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes I Am Still Alive!!!

Yes I am still alive. It's a month today since I last posted on my blog. My life has been extremely busy in the last month - what with travelling between Old Chilli Bed & Breakfast in Daylesford and Eltham twice a week, looking after Shane who is on the waiting list for a hip replacement and my life in general. I am now over half way thru my time in Daylesford, only 5 months until Tim and Brian return from Canada and my adventure is finished. I must say I have loved the past 7 months running a B&B and I am still enjoying it. I decided to make my time in Daylesford to be Davine time and to strive to do things that I enjoy and that would make my life more whole. I think I am succeeding in my journey and I am looking forwarding to it continuing. One thing I have learnt in my Davine time is the truest and most loving gift we can give ourselves is just be true to yourself. I mean REALLY true to yourself. It is quite easy to tell ourselves little white lies about how we feel, what we eat, how we treat others, how much we move our body and many other things. But if we cut out all the crap - scrape the bones clean - and really check out our true self the crap stands out like a beacon. So I believe that if we "Spring Clean" - even in Summer or Winter - a bit of crap out our lives our true self will shine that little bit more. Until next time goodnight and above all love yourself - your true self.

Can't remember where I got this from - but thank you from the author.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Granny Time

I am having a lovely evening looking after my granddaughter. She has been fed, bathed, cuddled and now sleeping peacefully. She is now 6 months old and even more adorable. It's funny before I became a Granny I just didn't get what grandparents were on about, but now I definately get it. Both my kids have always been the loves of my life and now Clare & O'Shea has made my heart bubble over with even more love.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

You Are Kidding!!!

You Are Kidding Qantas!!!!!!!

One easy way to make a nice relaxed week on the beautiful New South Wales Coast get a little stressful. The airline you are due to fly back home on Friday grounds all of their aircraft - worldwide. Now normally it wouldn't worry me but now that I am running a Bed & Breakfast and I have both rooms booked this weekend and I really need to get back to Melbourne on Friday. Plus I am travelling with Rachel and Clare who is only 5 1/2 mths, we would like to have things run smoothing with a little one. I am using all the positive thinking I have in me as I am sure it will all be rectified in the next 6 days. But just in case I will also check what other options we have.

Friday, October 28, 2011


Today is the start of our weeks visit with my son Shane, his partner Stacey and my beautiful grandson O'Shea. My daughter Rachel, my grandaughter Clare and I caught a morning flight to Canberra which took just over an hour. This was Clare's 1st time on a plane and she was great. All I can say thank goodness she is breast fed.
Clare on her 1st plane flight

Once we picked up our hire car it was of on the almost 2 hour drive to Nelligen. The car we have got is a Suzuki Kizashi (which I have never heard of) and to start and stop the engine you just push a button. Really weird concept to get my head around but it goes pretty good. Clare slept all of the way and Rachel slept most of the way. We are now in Nelligen almost all are asleep and I am just sitting enjoying being with both my children and their children.
Beautiful O'Shea now 3 months

Sad Note: For those out there who have read my blog previously you may have heard me mention Shane & Stacey's two beautiful dogs Mitch and Bosco. Well last week Mitch passed away - he was only 3 1/2 years old and it is thought that he was bitten by a snake. He was such a beautiful well behaved dog and is sadly missed especially by Stacey and his best friend Bosco.

Friday, September 30, 2011


My "Medicine Wheel" theme for September has been "Abundance" and that is exactly how it has turned out. Every facet of my life this month has definitely been abundant. I have have had an abundance of work, even been offered another part time job. I have had an abundance of things to do. But the best part has been that I have had an abundance of "LOVE" in my life. I am now into my 4th month at Old Chilli Bed and Breakfast in Daylesford and I am really loving my time in the country. I can't believe I only have eight more months to go. But my intention was to make this twelve months for ME and that is exactly what I am doing. I am getting myself back into regular meditating, doing some walking and I am also getting lots of arty things completed.  As anyone who does any sort of craft knows you always have lots of things on the go and if your like me you will have lots of things half done. With that in mind that has been part of my mission - to finish all of my UFO's (unfinished objects). For someone who is a procrastinator that is a challenge.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mitch & Bosco



It was good to see Bosco & Mitch again while we were up at Batemans Bay.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Uncomfortable or Not !!

This is how O'shea fell asleep on my knee - is he comfortable or not!!
Guess he is because he was snoring.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Batemans Bay

I have just spent the past few wonderful days in Batemans Bay with my son Shane, his partner Stacey and my beautiful grandson O'shea. They have only just moved here for Shanes work and they are renting a very nice house with an amazing view over the "Clyde River". Shane has always been a bit of a Gypsy and moved around a lot during his life, but I think now that he has a little family he may stay put a bit more - maybe!! O'shea is now 7 weeks old and a very happy little boy (when he isn't hungry or tired). I have taken quite a few photos while I have been here (mostly of O'shea) and will share them with you over the next few days. We head back home to Eltham tomorrow where I can catch with my girl Rachel and her baby/my beautiful grandaughter Clare.
Hi I'm O'shea and how cute am I???

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pressie Time

As I mentioned at the beginning of August I wanted to give away a piece of my
jewellery to two of my readers. Thank you all for leaving me a comment and I put all of your
names into a hat and the two lucky readers are:

Lou Spiden and Joanna Jenkins.
Congratulations Girls.

If you could both email me your mailing address to
I will get your prize out to you asap.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Playfulness from "Tiny Buddha"

This week I read this very appropriate post - "10 ways to make your life more playful" from "Tiny Buddha" and I just have to share it with you. It is so true that as we grow and become adults we either forget or feel all our childish playful activities are inappropriate!! Well might I say that is just plain and simply ridiculous. We all need to connect with that little child inside us every now and then. In my case I try to do it every day. Today I took myself of for a walk through the bush and to make it a bit more playful I pulled on my Gumboots and went a walking through the puddles. Yes I was like a little kid splashing in puddles. I would love to throw out a challenge to everyone to connect with that inner child at least once this week and let us know how your playful time was spent. Don't forget by leaving your comment you do will not only be bringing a bit of playfulness into your life but you will also have the chance of winning a piece of my jeweller. So come on lets have some fun this week.
Even the Kookaburras were having a laugh with me!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


My daughter Rachel with her daughter Clare and my son Shane with his son O'shea.

Note: Don't forget to leave me a comment to have a chance at winning a piece of my jewellery!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Medicine Wheel 2011 - 2012 & My gift to Who?

Once again this year I have had my Medicine Wheel 2011/2012 done by the lovely Michelle of "Joy Express". I was so totally amazed with my 2010/2011 Medicine wheel that I had no hesitation about going through the process again. So now here I am the first day of August and my message for this month is "Playfulness" - I like this word because I definitely like being playful. We all know what the word "Playful" means but when I really looked into the word and what it means to me I was quite amazed and the many words I came up with. But the one that really resonated in my brain today was  "Have a disposition to find or make a cause for amusement". So with that in mind I decided to combine two things in my life. I love my blog and I love designing and making jewellery so these are the two ingredients of my amusement this month. I have decided to give TWO of my readers a piece of my jewellery - yes TWO. To be in the running all you need to do is leave me a comment during August and on August 31st I will announce the winner. So please go on leave me a comment and you never know you just may be a winner.
Medicine Wheel 2011 / 2012

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Every Man & his Dog

 With such a beautiful sunny day as we had today it was not surprising to see lots of people at the Daylesford Sunday Market. It was also a given that people would have their dogs out walking with them, but oh my goodness I have never seen so many dogs in all my life. Now don't get me wrong I do love dogs but at some points when there were a few dogs with their owners you couldn't walk past without stepping over a dog.
There were big dogs, little dogs, happy dogs, angry dogs - all sort of dogs.

Dog Day Afternoon at Daylesford Sunday Market
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Little Road Trip

Last week while in Daylesford I took myself on a little road trip. First stop was Creswick - I haven't been to this little town for years. When my son Shane was at Melbourne University doing Forestry he lived in Creswick as this is where their Forestry Campus is.


Creswick was built on the proceeds of rich gold deposits mined from the 1850's, Creswick today proudly displays fine examples of the grand architecture so reminiscent of the era. A stroll down the main street will reveal a number of historic buildings including the former State Savings Bank, Post Office, Library, and Havilah Masonic Lodge.

Talbot was originally first born for servicing a mining population of over 15,000 during the 1850s, today only a few hundred people live in Talbot. The town retains a number of historic buildings from its prosperous gold mining days which can be observed by taking a stroll along Scandinavian Crescent in the heart of the town.


Clunes was the site of Victoria's first gold strike. It is located in a steep valley surrounded by rounded hills, which are actually extinct volcanoes (they can be best seen 3 km south along the road to Ballarat).
Clunes is one of the most intact 19th-century towns in the Central Goldfields, boasting numerous bluestone and brick buildings. Fraser St, the commercial centre, is wide and elegant, full of 19th-century shops with original store-fronts and distinctive verandas. Fraser St has been the setting for many films including 'Mad Max' and 'Ned Kelly'. The Djadja Wurrung people were the first inhabitants and these people occupied most of central Victoria. The words Djadja Wurrung defines the name of the tribe and the language they spoke. It is a combination of 'djadja' (yes) and 'wurrung' (speech). Being called the "yes people" suggests that the tribe were considered to be a friendly group of people.



When Mark Twain visited Maryborough in the 1890s he described it as 'a railway station with a town attached'. The Maryborough Railway Station is a really a wonder to behold. It is huge and gracious: a vast 25-room edifice which is surely Maryborough's finest building.

Erected in 1890, it is a red-brick structure with plenty of stucco trimming for contrast. Highlights include the ornate clock tower, Flemish gables, massive portico, marble dressing tables in the women's toilets, some attractive wrought-iron work on the veranda, oak wall panels and the longest platform in Country Victoria.


Friday, July 22, 2011

O'shea Ryder Clohesy

I have finally met my grandson O'shea today. He turns 1 week tomorrow and is very cute indeed. I think he is a mixture of his Mummy Stacey and Daddy (my son) Shane. I have spent my day today cuddling him and when he hasn't been in my arms I have been taking photos of him. But I just have to share this photo of my boy with his boy with you. When I first saw it my heart just melted.
Shane & O'shea

O'shea Ryder Clohesy

I just feel like the luckiest person in the world with two wonderful children who have met and fell in love with two wonderful partners and now given me two wonderful grandchildren. I love my life.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My new baby Grandson

Well I did have a post all organised to publish today but I have some way way better news. My new little grandson has finally arrived. His name is O'shea Clohesy and he arrived this morning at 8.20am - 2 weeks late and weighed 3.27kg (8.2lb). I don't have a photo as yet but as soon as I do and his parents Stacey & Shane say it's OK for me to put one online you will be the first ones to see it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My "F....." Week

No it's not what you think - but yes my week has been an "F" week. 
Farewell - Monday was the farewell day,as I dropped Shane of at Melbourne Airport
for his 10 days in Darwin.
Darwin Sunset
Friends - Tuesday I had lunch with some old and new Angel Friends.
These lunches are always so enriching. I always head on home on a bit of a high.

Family - Wednesday was very special as I had dinner with my beautiful
daughter Rachel and my gorgeous grandaughter Clare.
Fun - Wednesday was also time for some good old fun with Arch. My leg finally
felt good enough to head down the park with Arch to throw the ball around.
Arch loves his ball
Freeway Frenzy - Today (Thursday) my "F" experience was definitely freeway frenzy.
On the freeway I was driving along is currently having lots of road works happening
and there is no emergency lane and some poor person had broken down.
I always feel sorry for people who break down but oh my it did cause a bit of havoc.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Overdue Update

I have been so slack lately with updating my blog, although I have had a few things on. So what have I been up to since I last posted. I spent most of the week in Melbourne doing a bit of work at "Homing Instincts". I haven't worked there for about a month and Jennie has got lots of new groovy stuff in, so of course I ended up partially spending my wages. I have had the stitches taken out of my shin and the Dr was very pleased with the healing of the skin graft. For those who remember my posting about my allergic reaction that makes my throat/tongue swell, well I think I may have found out what it could be. I also had an appointment with the specialist last week and he also thinks I may have had a bit of  a breakthrough. I have always been a bit of a coke-aholic. I have always loved my diet coke and drank a lot. But I have not had any since April 10th and the allergic reactions have all but ceased. Apparently my body has decided to react to one of the additives. I really hope this is the problem. My next grand baby was also due last Friday, but he is way to cosy and doesn't want to emerge just yet. So hopefully sometime this week I will be able to share him will you all. I am now back in Daylesford  and have just spent a great weekend with some girlfriends who came up for the weekend - fun fun fun. So that's my recent adventures and now onto my life for another week.
Waiting for "Shaggy"

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well I Never!!

Back in Daylesford for the weekend, breakfast for my guests was all over so Shane and I decided to go for a drive to Castlemaine. Castlemaine was originally started in the gold rush days but a lot of employment now is farming and one of their main pests are foxes. As foxes are an introduced animal in Australia they can be very devastating to a paddock full of sheep. Driving along the road we came across something I have never seen before. Someone has had a busy day getting rid of their enemy and from their display they are pretty proud of themselves. ### Thats 35 times proud ###. Can you believe I didn't even have my camera with me - so I had to take this shot with my phone. Bit blurry because it was pretty windy and I was getting blown around.

Good Bye Castlemaine Foxes

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bucket List

Do you have a "Bucket List" - you know that list of things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Well I do have such a list and yes I am working through it. One of my "Bucket List" entries is to travel around Australia in a Camper Trailer. Shane and I have been planning it for quite a few years, every year we would head off to the "Caravan & Camping Show" and dream over all the tent trailers, camper trailers, motor homes and all the bits and pieces that go with them. But our last "Caravan & Camping Show" was the decision making time - we decided it was time to make our purchase. We bought our new camper trailer but had to wait 6 months to have it built. Yesterday was our day to go and pick it up. It is pretty easy to tow, but as it was brand new and we were in peak hour traffic on the way home we were both a bit nervous. But we got it home and now it's time to really start planning for our "Bucket List Trip". Although it won't be a huge trip for a while yet seeing I am enjoying my "Year In Daylesford" at the moment.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ouch !!!

Well I had my little skin cancer removed from my shin and unfortunately the skin was to taut to just be sewn together so the Dr's. had to do a skin graft. The process was performed while I had a local anesthetic ( would much rather have been put to sleep) although they did give me something to calm me down so I think I did sleep for a bit of the 40mins it took. I had two Dr's. working on me - one taking the piece of skin from my groin and the other removing the skin lesion. I felt pretty good yesterday after the operation but I think it might have been the drugs I was on because today my leg is quite sore. I have to keep my leg up as much as I can for about 5 days - bit hard when I run a Bed & Breakfast. I am so lucky I have a good friend -Vicki - coming up to Daylesford for a few days to help me out. But at least it is now over and I just have to deal with the next week until I head back to Outpatients and they do whatever they have to do. I am a bit of a wimp so I'm really not thinking of what they have to do.

Even though my poor old leg was hurting my heart was singing while I cuddled Clare - she needed a Granny cuddle as she had her 1st lot of immunisation needles today. She was so good and took it all beautifully.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Sore Leg

This morning in Daylesford it was once again a foggy, drizzly rainy start to Monday. I think I am probably going to experience quite a few of these sorts of mornings as we work our way through Winter. But I don't mind after all it is Winter. I am now back in Eltham tonight because I am having a small skin cancer removed from my shin tomorrow morning. It is only a small spot but as it is on my shin the Dr. may have to do a skin graft if the skin cannot be stretched enough. So this time tomorrow night I will know just how long I will have to keep my leg up. I am a little bit nervous - but all will be OK.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daybreak in Daylesford

Those out there who have followed my blog know I love the beginning of a day, especially sunrise. When I have guests staying at "Old Chilli" I head down the street early to get the days newspaper and if it's market day I get some freshly baked bread. This morning when I headed down the street I was greeted not with a sunrise but lots of fog and drizzly rain. This didn't put a damper on my day at all - I love when it is foggy, almost as much as a beautiful sunrise. I always have loved fog, as a little girl I used to pretend I was in the middle of nowhere. Even as an adult fog gives me the feeling of being able to hide and it may sound strange but it also makes me feel cosy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our Little Bunny

I have just returned back to the country after having a couple of days in the city. The main thing I notice when I get back to Daylesford is just how quiet it is and the amazing show the stars put on when there is no cloud cover. I have had guests every weekend, so I am now quite comfortable getting breakfasts and doing all I have to do. The guests I have had have all been really nice and all comment on just how beautiful "Old Chilli B&B" is. I must say I agree with them, even though it was only built in 2001 it has been designed with lots of older features and there is lots of antique furniture, so you get the feeling it has been here for a lot more than 10 years.
I did have two wonderful days in Eltham looking after our new little angel Clare. She is a very good little lady and at almost 6 weeks she is starting to focus on your face. Here is a photo of her in her little bunny suit.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Olives !!!!!!!

Tonight's post is a request of help from me to you. This beautiful property here in Daylesford has lots of trees and plants I will eventually be able to get food from. Me being a city girl, I know I am going to have to be a bit of googling to find out the what, when and where of what I have. Now as I don't eat olives this produce is an interesting challenge. I have three olive trees and the fruit have now turned dark so I am thinking it it time to harvest and actually do something with them. I am intending on marinating them (don't know how!!) and giving them to my family, who do eat them. That's where I need your help - what do I do with these Olives ??????
My Three Olive Trees

Are these ready to be picked????

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garden Visitors

It is so wonderful going to sleep to the sound of frogs croaking to each other around the pond outside my bedroom window and then waking up of a morning to the sound of the many birds greeting each other good morning. I also have a few Crimson Rosella's that visit the garden and enjoy having a chew on the Quinces.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Daylesford Family

As well as looking after Old Chilli B&B in Daylesford for the next 12 months I am also looking after "Arch" a very clever Kelpie X and two very beautiful Alpacas "Bilbo" and "Groucho".
Clever Arch

Beautiful Arch



Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farmers Market

I love markets, whether they be craft markets, fruit & veggie markets, clothes markets, trash & treasure markets or the Daylesford Farmers Market I went to on the weekend.

Daylesford Farmers Market




Monday, June 6, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Back In Daylesford

Previously Old Chill B&B had only taken bookings for the weekends as the owners Tim & Brian both had full time jobs. I have continued that system for now but as of June 10th I will open up a few more week days as well. Luckily I am able to open and close days so I can still head back to Eltham if there is anything I need to do in Melbourne.
A Brief History of Daylesford
Gold was the main reason Daylesford was founded, but saw-milling and agriculture played a part after the easily won alluvial gold was exhausted. After 1865 local businessmen approached the Government and the development of Mineral Springs began to play a major part in the growth of the town as a tourist destination. These days Daylesford and the Hepburn Spring area draw many tourists to the area to not only experience the beauty of the area but also pamper themselves with the mineral springs and the many Spas, and massage and pampering businesses. During my time here I fully intend to pamper myself with a few massages too.
Daylesford ca1908