Saturday, June 8, 2013

Queens Birthday Long Weekend

It's funny how you're not in the workforce you don't take much notice of when there is a public holiday. It's even worse when you are travelling around as we are, I loose track of what day it is all the time. But this weekend there is no way you would not realize it is a long weekend, by all the events Darwin has on offer. One such event that we went to was the 2013 Greek Glenti (apparently Glenti means Party). I have never been in one place where there were so many Greeks. There was singing, dancing, eating and lots of talking. I just needed someone with me who could translate!!

2013 Greek Glenti

That's a lot of souvlaki meat!!
After a lounge around the camp it was getting close to dinner and neither of us felt like cooking. So seeing it is actually a Saturday (looked at my phone to see what day it was) we would take ourselves out for dinner. We both felt like seafood (my friend Alice would not find this strange as I almost always eat seafood when we go out) so we decided to head off to Seafood on Cullan. They had a Asian and seafood smorgasbord and yummo was it nice.

I started with Prawns, Oysters, Scallop and Calamari

Next was an assortment of Asian Fare.

 To finish off it was fresh fruit, but there had to be one that I dipped in the chocolate fountain!!

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