Monday, May 31, 2010

Catch Up

I have had a bit of a revelation today. I spent some time today sorting through my emails and paperwork and have come across a lot of stuff that I have noticed should have been completed during the months November through to February. I thought this pretty strange as I am usually pretty good getting important stuff completed. It wasn’t until I sat down and thought about it and realized that they were the months when my Dad was in bed all the time and then in February he passed away. I loved looking after him, it was an honour to be there for him at that time of his life, but I now know just how I had put my life on hold so all my energy could be transported to Dad. So this week it is my goal to get all this past stuff completed and filed away.

“Living to Learn”: Yesterday I came across a website that is “A Dictionary of Australian Words and their Meanings”. Being Australian I have heard a lot of them, but I still came across a lot that I had never seem before.
“Quandong” - Aboriginal name for a tree with small bluish-red fruit.

The Desert Quandong is a small tree or shrub found in the arid zones of Australia. The tree has paired leaves about 3 - 9 cm long. The fruits are shiny red and sometimes yellow 2 - 3 cm in diameter. The Desert Quandong grows in woodlands on sandy and stony soils. In the northern territory the Desert Quandong is becoming scarce most likely as a result of camel grazing.

“Davine Time” update: Curled up in my comfy chair and spending the evening with my beautiful daughter Rachel watching “Desperate Housewives”.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


For the life of me I cannot think of anything to write tonight. I think my brain is telling me it has done enough work today and it is now time for bed. So I thought I would share some Tasmania shots with you all.
Richmond Bridge - 1823
The foundation stone for the Richmond Bridge was laid on 11 December 1823 and construction continued using convict labour until completion in 1825. The bridge was originally named Bigge's Bridge after Royal Commissioner, John Thomas Bigge, who recognised the need for the bridge in 1820.

Chicken in a Hole - Maybe digging to China
No theres no story to this one, it's just a plain old chicken digging a plain old hole.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


We all know that laughter is great for our soul but tonight I was reminded just how much fun it can be. We have Shanes Dad Jack (in his 80’s) staying with us for a few days. I was sitting at my laptop looking up words they were giving me. Neither of them are internet savvy at all so they were amazed at the information I was able to get. Then like two little boys they wanted me to look up the word “fart”. So like a good girl I am I did and I found the website “Facts on Farts”. Well I had the two of them laughing so much they were both in tears – actually I was in tears too. All this laughter reminded how laughter not only makes you feel good it really brings people together on a special level.

Here are some more facts about laughter from “Psychology Today”.
- Laughter plays a big role in mating. Men like women who laugh heartily in their presence.
- Both sexes laugh a lot, but females laugh more--126 percent more than their male counterparts. Men are more laugh-getters.
- The laughter of the female is the critical index of a healthy relationship
- Laughter in relationships declines dramatically as people age.
- Like yawning, laughter is contagious; the laugher of others is irresistible
- One of the best ways to stimulate laughter--and it's probably the most ancient way--is by tickling. Tickling is inherently social; we can't tickle ourselves.

“Living to Learn” update: Jack contributed to this addition as well. We were talking about words that were used back in the day and this one came up that I never knew.

Dodger : Meaning Bread (Dodger Bread) Originally from a British dialect term ‘dodge’ meaning ‘a large cut or slice of food’, it may also have entered Australia through the US which had the term ‘corn-dodger’ meaning ‘a cake of corn bread’ from the 1830s.

“Davine Time” update: Today my “Davine Time” was definitely doing something for someone else. My friend Alice had a shoulder operation on Wednesday and is now at home trying to deal with quite a bit of pain. I was really glad I was able to help her out today.

Beautiful Flinders Island - Tasmania

Friday, May 28, 2010

My New Car

I have some very exciting news which is really a few days of “Davine Time”. This week I picked up my brand spanking new car, it’s a Black Toyota RAV4 and it is really beautiful. I have wanted a RAV4 for quite a while and at last I have shouted myself one thanks to my Dad leaving me some money. A couple of people have commented on “Why does she want a 4WD” and “Why get a black car it is going to get really dirty”. Well my answer to them is – you know who you are –: I wanted to!! It is such a lovely car to drive; I am so looking forward to taking it on a big long drive.

“Living to Learn” update: This has to be working out what all the strange buttons and levers on my car are for.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Jobs - No thanks

Hello all, yes I am still alive and well. I have had a really busy few days and a few internet problems. Hopefully all is OK now but just incase I loose my internet connection I will make this short and sweet. I have been working a bit this week at the “Home and Leisure Show”, which has been very very quiet and the time has dragged but I have still enjoyed it. My life dream of not doing a real job and enjoying everything I do is panning out perfectly. A great friend of mine (Jennie) has offered me a job at her wonderful gift shop on Tuesdays. Her shop is called “Homing Instincts” and has some wonderful eclectic stock. Every time I visit her I find something I want to buy. I am really looking forward to working there. Tomorrow I am of to the “Bead and Gem Show”, hopefully I will find some unusual beads or charms to make some interesting jewellery pieces. Then tomorrow night I am of to another scrapbooking night. I must say life is so great at the moment, I feel I am walking around with a smile continuously on my face.

“Living to Learn” update: Today my learning is something I have known for a while and something we all should do. No matter what we do in our life just make sure it is FUN.

“Davine Time” update: Tomorrow I will show you some photos of some major Davine Time I have to share.

Monday, May 24, 2010


I’m now back home after another lovely weekend away. Even though it’s not officially winter for another 7 days, today was icy cold. I worked for a few hours in the afternoon and when I got home I got straight into my PJ’s and settled myself down for a cosy night in front of the TV. It’s been raining for the past few hours and the sound of the rain drops on my tin roof is one of the most relaxing sounds I can think. I hope it is still raining when I get into bed as it is so nice to fall asleep listening to that sound. I think when eventually I sell this house I will have to try and get somewhere with a tin roof.

Living to Learn” = As I have mentioned previously I have bought myself a brand spanking new car and should get the call to pick it up sometime this week. My new car is classed as an SUV. I have seen this classification heaps but have now realized I don’t know what it actually stands for. So I thought today that would be what I would learn.

“SUV” = Stands for Sport Utility Vehicle. So what features separate an SUV from other cars on the road? Common features of a sport utility vehicle are four-wheel drive, better towing capacity, room for four or more passengers, and ample storage space.

“Davine Time” update = Todays me time would have to be as I mentioned above;
Listening to the rain on the tin roof.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Relaxed but Tired

I have had another wonderful relaxing day again today, doing some scrapbooking, eating great food, laughing and just enjoying great company. Who would think all this fun could make you so tired. Well let me tell you tonight I am really weary. So this post will be short and sweet as my bed is calling me.

“Living to Learn”: Todays word was once again just a random word I chose from the dictionary.

Tephra : Solid matter, such as ash, dust, and cinders, that is ejected into the air by an erupting volcano. Tephra is a general term for all pyroclastic materials ejected from a volcano.
This word is very appropriate these days will all the activity from Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland.

“Davine Time” update: Really my whole day today has been
Davine Time.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Empty Glass!!

Tonight I am at my cousin “Susans” house in Traralgon which is just over 200kms from my house. I am here as we are going to a scrapbooking day tomorrow. Susan is the closest person I have to a sister and I just love spending time with her. You know you are really comfortable with someone when you can sit with them and not feel you have to speak. That’s how we are, but I don’t usually find myself lost for words, I am a bit of a jabber jaws sometimes.

Susans husband Glynn gave me my word learning idea for today and it is another weird one.

“Living to Learn” update: Todays word is in the group of some pretty weird ones about phobias.

Cenosilliciaphobia” – The fear of having an empty (beer) glass. Now how is that for a weird one, I know people that have had and/or do have that problem. I haven’t actually been able to find it on any online dictionary, but did find lots of other sites describing the meaning. So that’s good enough for me for it to be a real word.

“Davine Time” update: Tonight I enjoyed a quiet night with Susan and Glynn watching a “feel good” move “Nims Island”. It was made in 2008 and stars Abigail Breslin and Jodie Foster. The reviews I read weren’t very good but hey what would they know, I enjoyed it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy is Better

Oh my goodness I have had a busy day today. My Friday started off with Rachel my daughter phoning me to see if I would go to the Drs. with her because she hurt her ankle at basketball last night and wanted to make sure it wasn’t broken. Well the Mum in me jumped to attention and off we went. The rest of the day was then nonstop with buying a present, picking up work brochures from two different locations, waiting for a handyman to come fix some house stuff and then dropping of the brochures at the Exhibition Buildings where I am working next week. Half way through my busyness I got a relieved call from Rachel saying the X-ray showed there was no break but ligament damage and she was on crutches for a while. Now I am about to get ready to go to a 21st – yes that’s right a 21st. Hope I don’t feel too old and that I can at least last until fairly late into the night.

“Living to Learn” update: In my learning search today I picked a random word out of the dictionary – so wish I hadn’t picked this one!
Omophagous – The meaning of this word (get this) is “the eating of raw flesh”. Oh yummy that’s something nice to think of just before dinner time!!

“Davine Time” update: Organized a handyman, who actually did come today when he said he would, to do a couple of jobs that I have been putting off and putting off. Yay – they are now done and crossed of my list.
This cartoon is an old one - but it tickled my fancy.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

George Washington

I am so glad that at the beginning of this year I decided to start my “Davine Time” each day. It also helped so much that I put it out there as it makes me accountable to actually do something for myself, no matter how small. While having my “Far North Queensland” sojourn I learnt a lot of new things and realized that I enjoyed the feeling of learning something new. So I have decided to add another daily ritual for me. I am going to make a concerted effort to learn something new every day. It may be as small as the meaning of a new word or as big as …. I don’t know because I don’t know it yet!! So for my 1st instalment, here is the beginning of my learning process.

When my son was 2 years old he was struck down with the life threatening illness “Epiglottitis”. Epiglottitis is a medical emergency that may result in death if not treated quickly. The epiglottis is a flap of tissue that sits at the base of the tongue that keeps food from going into the windpipe. When it gets infected and inflamed, it can obstruct, or close off, the windpipe, which may be fatal unless promptly treated. We rushed him to the Royal Children’s Hospital and thanks to the amazing medical team I still have thin now beautiful man in my life.

So now here's what I have learnt today: Epiglottitis was first described in the 18th century but was first accurately defined by Le Mierre in 1936. In fact, although George Washington's  death in 1796 was attributed to quinsy, it was actually due to epiglottitis.

“Davine Time” update: I have been trying to eat a little healthier but today I really felt like a packet of chips, so I had a packet and really enjoyed them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

10 Things I Love

Tonight I found I was at a bit of a loss as to what to write about. So I thought I might just share some things you may not know about “Davine”.

“10 Things I Love”

1. Walking along the beach collecting shells.
2. Visiting Markets especially in different countries.
3. Walking through the bush and soaking up Nature.
4. Fishing.
5. Doing any sort of craft.
6. Watching Fireworks.
7. On a clear night, sitting looking at the stars.
8. Camping
9. Looking at the sun rise and the sun set.
10. Being a Mum to Shane and Rachel.

Beautiful Bali Sunset
“Davine Time” update: Today’s me time was a bit strange. As I have mentioned before my “Davine Time” doesn’t have to be anything major it can be as small as having an ice-cream. Well tonight I decided to make some cup cakes, but my “me” time was eating some of the cake batter before it was cooked. I have always loved scraping out the bowl, usually with quite a bit left in it!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

RAV4 WoooHooo!!

"Davine Time" update: Oh I have had the best day - Today I bought my brand new Sexy Black Toyota RAV4. I don't actually get my beautiful brand new car for about a week, but I have still been so excited I am nearly jumping out of my skin. Oh I feel so good!! I guess now I should really get down to some serious paid work to justify getting myself such a great pressie. Or maybe I will just think about it for a while longer.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Purple Fun

Just thought I would share a couple of photos from the weekend with you tonight. Not only did we scrap but we as a group also raised $400 for the Cancer Council. The money was raised in a few different ways such as raffles and fines for such things as the last person out of bed, if you got lost getting to the venue. Each year in May the Cancer Council have a day named “The Biggest Morning Tea” where groups get together and have big morning teas to raise money and that was our activity on Saturday. Then on Saturday night we celebrated our weekend theme which was “Purple”. Everyone had to wear something purple and if you didn’t you copped a fine from Sonia who was the scrap police!! I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and wore purple PJ’s. That way I could just climb into bed when I was ready to retire.

“Davine Time” update: Today I sorted through and completed a pile of paperwork on my desk that I have procrastinating for ages. Yeah it’s now gone and my desk is almost clear.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

I’m now home after a great weekend away of scrapbooking, meeting new people, talking, laughing and enjoying nature and to finish a wonderful weekend of, this afternoon I had a wonderful relaxing massage. So all in all I would say I have had a whole weekend of “Davine Time”.

“Davine Time” update: My Davine Time has definitely just been my life lately.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weekend Away

Well it’s Friday night and I am away for the weekend at a Scrapbooking Retreat. The location is only just over an hour from home but the conference centre is set in such a remote area I could be hours from home. I haven’t had a good look around as it was almost dark when I arrived, but the buildings look interesting and are made from mudbrick. I will take some photos tomorrow to show you. There are about 40 girls here scrapbooking away and enjoying their time away from families doing what they love. I have organised a lot of photos to scrap over the weekend, but at the moment I have drawn a blank. I have completed one page and now for the life of me I cannot think of what to do now. Hopefully after a good nights sleep I will be a bit more creative. I’ts pretty chilly up here, I even have a coat on which is unusual for me. But there is a big beautiful open fire roaring and I have bought my very warm PJ’s to wear to bed.

“Davine Time” update: Doing some scrapbooking, just hope some creativity pops into my head soon.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Strange Tropical Plants

Here are some of the weird and wonderful plants from Far North Queensland.

"Davine Time" update: Today I sat and relaxed while I had my nails done.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Feelings of Loss

My day today was one of sorting out the things I want to do during the week such as “Work” as in paid work, organising some volunteer work and working on building my jewellery business. Now that I know what I want to do, it’s easy to decide the next step on my journey. It’s pretty exciting taking these first steps into the almost unknown.

On a totally different not, it amazes me how grief can just jump up and surprise you when you least expect it. It’s now coming up to 3 months since my Dad passed away and it has been just over 2 ½ years since my Mum passed away and I have been pretty good the last month. Tonight I had to drive near the hospital where Mum died which I have done on many occasions. But tonight was different, as I spotted the sign “Austin Hospital” I had the most powerful blanket of sadness fall over me that I have ever felt. It is really hard to explain exactly how I felt other than really really sad and empty. I’m not sure why it happened but I am OK now. I am guessing these feelings will engulf me every now as we can never loose the connection with our parents, especially our Mother as she gave birth to us.

“Davine Time” update: Having this cold wintery night to
myself curled up in my comfy chair watching telly.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Inspiration over Lunch

I have had the best day today after a night of disappointment. Last night I went to a football (AFL) to see my team the “Saints” play the “Blues”. It was the first time I have seen a game live in about three years. I was so excited; I didn’t even mind that both Shane and Rachel were going for the other team. Well when we got there our seats were right next to the Blues cheer squad – Oh I really didn’t want to be sitting there. Over the past 12 times these two teams have met the Saints have won every time, but I guess it was Carlton luck on the 13th meeting. They absolutely thrashed the Saints. I tell you I was ready to come home at about half time – Oh well it’s only a game but couldn’t they have waited to loose until I wasn’t at the game.

But then today was great – it was “Angel Lunch” day. Today there were seven of us and as always the food at the “Glasshouse” was scrumptious, the company was lovely and the conversation was stimulating and absolutely wonderful. The whole lunch, company and conversation process makes me feel on such a high and so in touch with Davine. I realize now that my “Pilgrimage to Self Discovery in Cairns has taken me to a place where I have made some decisions and I am comfortable with my life, but it has also presented more questions as well.
Beautiful Clear Quartz Crystals from “The Crystal Cave”, Atherton Queensland.

“Davine Time” update: Today I also did a bit of searching on the internet for some volunteering opportunities. I seem now to have worked out what I want to do to balance my week.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day...

I would like to wish all the women out there a very Happy Mothers Day. It doesn’t matter if you actually have a child or not. I figure “We Are All Mothers”, wether it is to our children, our dogs, cats, birds, fish if fact any animals even turtles. I believe a woman’s Mothering instincts are there from birth. When we are little girls we mother our dolls then as we grow we move onto mothering many things around us like our Husbands, Partners, Friends even our Earth. Some of us in our lives even take on a Mothering role for our Parents. As this had been part of my life for the past 10 years I must say it can be difficult at times but it is such an honour to Mother your Parents in their later years. I have had a quiet but lovely Mothers Day. I had a phone call from my boy “Shane” in Cairns and spent a lovely day, just being together with my daughter “Rachel”. Even though she is not with me physically but definitely is in spirit, I would love to wish my dear Mum “Joan” a “Happy Mothers Day.

"Davine Time" update- This morning I soaked in a wonderful aromatherapy bubble bath with some beautiful relaxing music playing. Dear little Zoe was so cute as she sat on the bathmat and just waited for me to get out.

My Mum Joan Clare Pitcher

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Clearing Lists

Today I tackled one of my “To Do” jobs I have been meaning to get to for quite a long time. Back in the days before CD’s and my beloved IPOD I had (as most people did) heaps of cassettes. Even though I haven’t listened to any of them for years I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. So today I sat down and worked which songs I really liked and wanted to listen to in the future and spent a nice relaxing afternoon downloading songs onto my IPOD. Mission accomplished!! I now have no cassettes sitting around and lots more songs I will actually listen to now. It is such a wonderful cleansing feeling when you 1. Complete something from your “To Do” list and 2. Clear out some clutter that is holding you to the past. While I was in Cairns wonderful Michelle of “Joy Express” brought a group of us girls together to participate in a week of “Finish What You’ve Started”. As I was away on holidays I couldn’t actually finish things at home that I had not completed, so I decided to complete activities I had wanted to do for a long time. We all had a very productive and very different from each other week. I have not actually met all of the girls that participated but feel I have made new friends throughout the process.

“Davine Time” update: I had a great time at the Candle Party last night and
I ordered myself some beautiful smelling candles.

Beautiful Tropical Flowers

Friday, May 7, 2010

Zoe's Operation

Our dear little dog Zoe had to have an operation today. She had developed a lump on her belly and it has doubled its size in the past month. So today was her appointment to go visit the lovely (expensive) vet and have the lump removed. The lump has now been sent to pathology to check if it is benign or malignant. I am being positive and I know it will be benign and all will be OK. While she was out they also gave her teeth a good clean and did a few blood tests. She is now sitting in her bed with her Tasmanian Devil Teddy feeling sorry for herself. She is normally such an active little dog it is weird seeing her just lay there. Oh well give her a couple of days and her barking will be driving us crazy again.

On a totally different and wonderful note, I would like to congratulate lovely Darlene of “My Life for a Year” on the birth of her new little granddaughter Elyssa. Welcoming a new little person into our world is such a wonderful, heartwarming thing to experience. Darlene may you and Elyssa share many many happy times together.

“Davine Time” update: Tonight I am going to a candle party and my friend Alice’s.
Yeah another fun night spent with some of my amazing friends.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Aromatherapy Party

After having a fairly ordinary Tuesday I have made sure Wednesday and Thursday have consisted of some valuable “Davine Time”. Last night I had an “Aromatherapy Party”, with the theme “Fabulous Feet”. Seven of my wonderful girlfriends arrived with bucket and towel tucked under their arm ready for a night of pampering. Suzy from “Amazing Scents" came along with lots of aromatherapy oils and lots of information to teach us all numerous things we can do with oils. I have been into oils for a number of years. I have them in oil burners throughout the house; I have also made up lots of beauty products such as “Bath Soak” and also in some home cleaning products. After a night of soaking our feet in warm water infused with wonderful oils, giving them a bit of exfoliating, topping of the treat with cream with peppermint and lavender and lots of laughs my nose thoughts from Tuesday were just a memory. This may not be the most glamorous photo ever taken of me but Ooooh my feet felt so good!! Today I went to the “Stiches and Craft Fair” for 2010. It was not as good as past years but it is amazing how my creativity is stimulated by surrounding myself in a creative atmosphere.

“Davine Time” update – feeding the artist inside me.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today's Drs Visit

Well my activities today would certainly not be regarded as “Davine Time”!!!! I have had problems with my sinuses for quite a number of years, having badly infected sinuses at least once a year. Last October I had a specialist appointment and scans done to show I have polyps in my sinuses. Polyps are apparently caused by sinuses being infected often. Anyway the Dr. mentioned that I should maybe think about having them removed but probably best to try a nose spray first. Well that was almost 7 months ago and today was my return visit to the Drs. I do not have a problem when visiting Drs. until they pull some sort of instrument or needle out and then a little bit (well maybe a lot) of panic starts to set in. As my visits are at the outpatients department at a hospital the Dr. I saw today was a different one from last October. He was very nice, explained things well and I was feeling comfortable. My body tensed up only slightly when he picked up this little metal instrument and proceeded to look inside my nose. That was OK, I thought that didn’t hurt, this is all OK. Then all of a sudden I noticed he had picked up this strange looking instrument that was long, thin and had a light on the end. He proceeded to tell me he was about to spray some anaesthetic into my nostrils that will numb my nose and throat so he can slide this instrument, that to me looked way longer that it was, up my nose to my throat. OH MY GOODNESS – he is joking isn’t he!!! Shane was with me and later had a laugh about the panicked look on my face. Well he did it and I tell you it was the weirdest experience, it didn’t hurt just felt a little weird. It was good that I had the anaesthetic, but it was the worst tasting stuff I have ever tasted and not only did it numb my nose and throat but also my tongue and lips. He also did warn me not to eat or drink anything for about 15mins because I was so numb I had to be careful nothing went down the wrong hole!!!!! Don’t worry Doc I’m not eating or drinking for way longer than the 15mins you advised!!! Then to top it of he advised that I should maybe have the polyps removed as the nose sprays have not help at all. I am not looking forward to having an operation but at least I will be knocked out and not have to look at that long skinny thing with light in the end again. Now I sit here tonight with the all the numbness gone, I have a bit of a sore throat and feel a bit sorry for myself. So after a day where my “Davine Time” didn’t really happen I will make up for it tomorrow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yummy Tropical Fruit

Sunday in Melbourne today is certainly different to last Sunday in Cairns. The temperature only got to 17c and it is freezing, a real wintery day. But it’s not winter till the end of this month. I actually love winter; to me it is a season that is cosy, warm PJ’s in front of the telly and the heater on. But I guess it is because I have had 2 ½ weeks of 28c – 30c hot humid weather that even though the heater was on I just couldn’t get warm. So I have spent the day unpacking, washing and looking at some of my T.V shows taped for me. I’m now watching the “Logies”, which for my non-Aussie friends; the Logies is the award show for our T.V industry.

Mmmm I just love tropical fruit, wish we could get them in Melbourne.
Mangosteen – I can’t describe what they taste like, except to me it’s  the sweetest nicest fruit I have ever tasted.
Custard Apple – This is also a really sweet fruit, but the texture wasn’t something I would jump to often.
Rusty’s Markets is Cairns local fruit and vegie markets, open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The produce there was absolutely beautiful and all the stalls have tasting of all the fruits on their stands.
So on Friday morning I arrived having not having had breakfast, so I did a typical backpacker thing to do and walked around the different stalls tasting. Mmmm such a lovely yummy fresh and healthy breakfast – very cheap too.

"Davine Time" update: Curled up in front of the telly under a nice warm blanket.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pilgrimage Success - tick!!

Here I am home in Melbourne and boy I tell you I am a wee bit chilly. I am happy to be back home cause Rachel and Shane (partner) are here, but I am missing my boy Shane and his partner Stacey already. I even had a few tears at the airport and on the plane. I have had the best holiday; I have done things I have always wanted to do, learnt things I never knew existed, discovered things about me that I needed to discover and totally indulged Davine. All in all my “Pilgrimage of Self Discovery” was a success. As I mentioned last night I have so many photos I want to share with you all. So I will say now sorry if I get boring but oh well as I have also said “I am 57 now and I can do whatever I like”!!

One of the towns I visited was "Ravenshoe" which is quite a small country town,
but it's claim to fame is that it is the highest Queensland town. One of the pubs
in town is the "Hotel Tully Falls" which is "Queenslands Highest Pub".
One of the many joys of being in the tropics is the glorious variety of shades of green.
One being this interesting "Electric Fern". They have the name "electric fern"
due to the bluish-green some species reflect.
Now this was the last thing I expected to see while driving through what I considered
the middle of the bush. Yes it is a Police road alcohol breath test.
Luckily I hadn't had a drink, was a bit early in the day for me.
Funny the Police Woman didn't think sha was in the middle of the bush.

"Davine Time" update: On the flight home I did a nice peaceful bit of meditation.