Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Photo Challenge

Today is the last day for the "Fat Mum Slim" Photo a Day Challenge.
It has been a lot of fun so I thought I would share a couple of my photos.
Day 2 - Lunch

Day 4 - What You Read

Day 14 - Makes Me Laugh

Day 31 - Whatever You Please

November Challenge has now been set and I am looking forward to my next challenge.
Why not visit the Fat Mum Slim Blog and give the challenge a go, it's a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Days 4 and 5

Good Morning everyone - I didn't get to update last night so I will do both days now. Saturday was once again a long drive but the countryside had change to a lot more trees and hills as we travelled through The Great Dividing Range. We arrived in Tweed Heads (our destination) about 1.30pm and just relaxed until dinner. After the driving, a beautiful meal and a few drinks my bed was yelling out for me. Although I don't mind driving long distances it was nice to wake this morning and not have to jump in the car and head of. So I went for a relaxing walk along the Tweed River and through the mangrove area and now I am considering having a shower. Isn't life great when you really don't HAVE to do anything. Just go with the flow. OK it is now almost bedtime and my day has been lovely and relaxing. So until tomorrow I will bid you all goodnight and remember no matter what is happening in your life, tomorrow do something for yourself - doesn't matter how big or small.
Glen Innes Post Office

Glen Innes Westpac Bank

Glen Innes Streetscape

Glen Innes wide main street

Friday, October 5, 2012

Queensland Sojourn - Day 2

We woke very early this morning so thought we may as well get on the road. Our mission was to drive from West Wyalong to Tamworth, which is 590kms (approx. 366miles) through the countryside of inland New South Wales. As yesterday we went through the charming small Australian country towns, but most of the trip was just the remote countryside. I was looking forward to seeing Tamworth as I had never been here before.  Tamworth is famous for it's Annual Country Music Festival in January. One year we will come up for the festival although we would have to book at least 12 months in advance.  We finally arrived in Tamworth about 3.30pm and I was very surprised at the size of this city which I thought was going to be a lot smaller country town. So now it is 10.15pm, we have been out and had a yummy dinner and my day has just about caught up with me. So it is good night from me until tomorrow.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Queensland Sojourn - Day 1

We are on a mini trip to Queensland to deliver a car to Shanes brother. For those who know the size of Australia might say this is a long way to go for only a couple of days. But it's all an experience and fun. After heading off this morning we weren't very far up the highway and had already seen 6 dead Kangaroos, They just don't have any chance when they are hit by a road train. This journey will take us through quite a few old towns and I love all the old buildings in country towns and they all have at least one good old country pub,

Jerilderie had two great old pubs
Parts of the drive consisted of nothing but a long road and flat plains.

This is just before we had a dust storm

The day was starting to get very warm and even though I don't usually eat ice-cream very much when we stopped for petrol I saw these in the fridge and really had to have one.

I haven't had a heart ice-cream for years - they are so creamy

Finally we reached our overnight destination - West Wyalong. We have had a lovely Chinese meal and will probably have an early night ready for another leg of our journey tomorrow.
Our little cabin for the night

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spirit Of Tasmania

Last night we travelled back from Tasmania to Melbourne onboard the ship the Spirit of Tasmania. Having had worked for the Tasmanian Travel Centre for about 10 years I have travelled on this ship many many times. It is usually a pretty smooth sailing even though the stretch of water it travels on - The Bass Strait - is one of the roughest stretches of water in the world. I must say I have had two sailings that I would rather forget but last night was very smooth. We were also lucky enough to have received an upgrade on our cabin to one of the best types of cabins available. The bed was so comfy, warm, cosy pillows and big window to watch the stars at.
View of the Spirit of Tasmania while waiting in the car line to commence moving.

Driving into the bowels of the ship.

Our beautiful Deluxe Cabin