Thursday, May 31, 2012

Karma and Hot Flushes

There are so any little sayings out in there in cyberspace. Facebook friends would post them at least four every day. Usually I just glance at them and move onto other news. But occasionally some just jumps out at me, so I thought I would share them tonight.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Week

I thought once I finished up in Daylesford I would have plenty of time on my hands to relax - not so! This past two weeks have been busy busy busy, but really good busy. I have been doing some work in Homing Instincts in Warrandyte. This store is a great place to work, I meet really nice, interesting people and the things we sell are great different items that you don't see everywhere. I have also been looking after my beautiful little granddaughter Clare while her Mummy is busy finishing her university course. Clare has such a wonderful little personality.
Mmmmm........ I love Birthday Cake!!
I had a night out for dinner with three of my dearest friends. I have known Jenni, Marjie & Sheri since primary school and they each fill a very special place in my heart. We went to a wonderful Chinese Restaurant called "East Empress" in Glen Waverly. We have been there before and the food, service and decor is hard to beat.
Then on Saturday I had a great day with Michelle and Nikki doing our 12 Month Soul Coaching Medicine Wheel. This is now my 3rd year living my life with the help and guidance of the Medicine Wheel and I just love it. It doesn't govern my actions it just helps me make sense of how my life is bopping along.
2012/2013 Medicine Wheel

 I just had to share this photo of me with my
two beautiful grand babies Clare & O'Shea

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Machu Picchu

As I write this post I am watching a program called Machu Picchu Revisited. I have always been fascinated and intrigued by Machu Picchu, in my soul I feel I have to visit there. About 7 years ago I was all prepared to travel to Peru to the point of just about to pay for my flight and accomplish my dream, but unfortunate life circumstances got in the way and my plans had to be shelved. In my heart and soul I know I have to make this journey but as I get older my mind tells me maybe my age will stop me from getting there. I would love to hear from anyone who has visited Machu Picchu or has an interest in this location as well.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Next Adventure

My Babies and their Babies!
O'Shea, Shane, Rachel and Clare
Where will my life take me now that I am onto my next adventure - that is trying to cope with normality - well as normal as my life could be that is! I have now officially finished running Old Chilli Bed and Breakfast in Daylesford. My past 12 months have been an amazing experience. I will  now get back into the groove of working a few days a week at my friends homewares shop Homing Instincts in Warrandyte and looking after my beautiful granddaughter Clare, spending some time with my adorable grandson O'Shea whilst making time to do some stuff for me. I had a wonderful past weekend. On Saturday we celebrated Clare's 1st birthday. It was such a great day and to top it of my son Shane, his partner Stacey and my amazing grandson O'Shea came down to help Clare celebrate her first milestone. Then on Saturday night Shane and Stacey headed off to the football (Aussie Rules) and I babysat O'Shea. This was O'Shea's first night away from Mummy and Daddy and he was fine. I just loved spending time with my little man. I cannot believe how much I love being a Granny!!!

Clare loves her 1st birthday cake
O'Shea and his cheeky grin while he plays with Clare's toys.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small World

Isn't funny how somethings just jump out at us and prove just how small this world really is. When I first started writing my blog back in February 2009, I was writing just for me and didn't really think that anyone would really follow what I was saying. I had a couple of friends commenting and then one day I had a comment and follower that I didn't know. I was so thrilled to think that someone who didn't know me was taking the time to comment. This person was Darlene from Canada and she had also recently started her blog My Life for a Year. Since then we have connected via our blogs, through Facebook and emails. We have even sent each other gifts. Well yesterday it was my absolute pleasure to finally meet my friend Darlene. She is currently in Australia and staying with her friend Debbie in Ballarat. Between Debbie and I  we surprised Darlene with a visit to Daylesford. The three of us spent a lovely afternoon eating, talking and enjoying great company.  Thank you Darlene and Debbie for a great day and I am privileged to call you both my friends.
Darlene and Davine

Friday, May 4, 2012

Endings and Beginnings

Well here we are at another Friday, the end of most peoples working week. Not so for me - for me it's the beginning of another weekend of looking after guests at "Old Chilli " in Daylesford". But this weekend I have mixed feelings as it is the last weekend I will be here in beautiful Daylesford. My mixed feelings are sadness that my wonderful 12 month adventure of managing the BnB is coming to an end, but also happiness that I am heading home and will have more time to catch up with not only my family but my friends as well.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my 12 months, I have meet some really lovely people, had experiences that I never thought I would have and proved to myself I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I did not take on this adventure as a money making venture but a personal growth venture. A couple of months ago I was at a loss as to think of any personal growth I had made over the time but in the past 8 weeks or so I have had a a few revelations both spiritually and mentally that I now know that my time in Daylesford has given me exactly what it was supposed to. Very appropriately my "Medicine Wheel" message for this month is "Success"!! Do I feel my 12 months at "Old Chilli " has been a success? Yes, definitely!!
So now I move onto my next 8 month life adventure . Why 8 months - well as of mid January 2013 Shane and I will be travelling around Australia for 12 months - so looking forward to writing about all the places we visit. So what will the next 8 months bring - I don't know but what I do know it will be an adventure! No matter what you, do make sure your life too is an ADVENTURE!!