Thursday, December 29, 2016

Farewell 2016 - Hello 2017

Well here we are looking back over yet another year, 2016, and the beginning of another life adventure in 2017. How come the older I get the quicker the years fly past? That is why I promise myself today, as I have for a number of years, to live each and every day to it's very fullest. But, I must admit I do love this time of the year. Looking back on my year, reflecting on what I have accomplished, what I didn't get around to doing and where I have grown, gives me great satisfaction. Then looking forward to the next twelve months, making goals and planning what adventures I want to experience fills me with much anticipation.

How was your 2016, did you accomplish the goals you wanted to succeed at? I have found this year more than previously there has been a majority of bad news bought to use on our 6.00 news. I myself have made a conscious effort not to watch the news and just read what I want to on the internet. With all this bad news being thrown at us we sometimes forget about all the good things that have happened during the year.

The first five months of 2016 was pretty much indulging myself in my friends and family and accomplishing some goals I had set. Then from May 12th we headed off in our camper Myrtle for another Aussie Adventure. This time it was up to Cape York to the very tip of Australia, across to Karumba, the prawn capitol of Australia.

It was a bit of a hard walk to get there, but it was worth it. 

The best seafood buffet I have had in a while
The three day rodeo in Mount Isa was a highlight and the dinosaur triangle was certainly an eye opener. Along the way we also saw many more amazing sights, learnt so much about our homeland and met some lovely, interesting people. It is nice to now be home, but the travelling lifestyle is certainly in my blood and I am constantly researching where to next. 
I think I have become a bit of a rodeo junkie!

Amazing discoveries

The trail of our Aussie Adventure 3
What will 2017 hold for us all? Do you set yourself some goals (I dislike the term New Year Resolutions)? If so, what is one of your goals you would like to accomplish in 2017? I used to do the whole New Years Resolution thing but I found that just set me up for failure. It was to much for me looking at the whole twelve months as a whole. I now break my year down into months, weeks and even days. I have a monthly goal chart that I stick nine things I would like to accomplish during the month. Some of these goals do carry on through several months or even the whole year, depending on how much I am progressing with the challenge.  I also have my daily diary where each night I write down some things I want to accomplish during the week or following day. Yes, I know I am a list person, always have been. I find it works most of the time so I'm not changing now. 

My monthly goal chart
So what monthly goals am I going to set myself for 2017? That is the question, I don't know yet. I find on January first the goals seem to just flow to me. I'm not sure if we will be departing on another big Aussie Adventure, this year might include smaller adventures to places where were will concentrate on a smaller area. I will definitely still be doing my Hometown Adventures while I'm in Melbourne. It's very satisfying learning about the history and goings on of your hometown.

I would also like to thank each and every one of you here on my blog and on facebook for joining me in my adventure this year. I have loved all your comments and have enjoyed having you all along for the ride. Here's to the ending of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 and look forward to seeing what we all can accomplish.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Broulee to Home

Our next stop after Kiama was another delightful seaside village. This time it's Broulee, which is extra special to me as it is where my son Shane, his wife Stacey and my two extra lovable grandson's O'Shea and Finn live. They have lived in the area for a while but only recently moved to Broulee and it is the perfect location. A nice quiet street with the beach four minutes away at the end of their street. First item on the agenda was to put up the Christmas tree.
O'Shea is in charge of the star on top - with Mummy and Daddy's help

Finn was a bit excited when the lights went on
As I said Broulee is a great location,  it is extra pleasurable for my son who has recently taken up surfing and for O'Shea is following in Daddy's footsteps.
The day begins on Broulee Beach

Shane catches a few early morning waves

O'Shea is getting there

Even Finn is getting into the action
After a glorious five nights in beautiful Broulee it was with sadness that it was time to hit the road for home. So now after 205 nights away, a total of 20,173 kilometres driven and 1000's of amazing experiences we are back home. Already my mind is wondering, where to next. After I get myself organised from emptying Myrtle, cleaning the house and putting all our stuff away I will let myself think about what's next. Although, as I did last time we got home, I will set out on some exploring of my town, Melbourne. So please don't think for a minute my adventures have stopped, they are just restricted to a smaller area.

If there is a location in Melbourne you would be interested in me visiting, please I would love to hear from you. Maybe it's somewhere you have always wanted to visit or somewhere you know well and would like me to give my views, let me know.