Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yes I Am Still Alive!!!

Yes I am still alive. It's a month today since I last posted on my blog. My life has been extremely busy in the last month - what with travelling between Old Chilli Bed & Breakfast in Daylesford and Eltham twice a week, looking after Shane who is on the waiting list for a hip replacement and my life in general. I am now over half way thru my time in Daylesford, only 5 months until Tim and Brian return from Canada and my adventure is finished. I must say I have loved the past 7 months running a B&B and I am still enjoying it. I decided to make my time in Daylesford to be Davine time and to strive to do things that I enjoy and that would make my life more whole. I think I am succeeding in my journey and I am looking forwarding to it continuing. One thing I have learnt in my Davine time is the truest and most loving gift we can give ourselves is just be true to yourself. I mean REALLY true to yourself. It is quite easy to tell ourselves little white lies about how we feel, what we eat, how we treat others, how much we move our body and many other things. But if we cut out all the crap - scrape the bones clean - and really check out our true self the crap stands out like a beacon. So I believe that if we "Spring Clean" - even in Summer or Winter - a bit of crap out our lives our true self will shine that little bit more. Until next time goodnight and above all love yourself - your true self.

Can't remember where I got this from - but thank you from the author.