Sunday, October 20, 2019

Time to surround myself with the experts.

Well l'm really on this property buying road now! Why have I decided to share my journey? I figure I'm not the only woman taking on an adventure like this, and I have lots of questions. There's so much I don't know, I don't even know the questions to ask. I guess if I can find out some answers I can pass them on to others. 

After my initial visit and realising where I am taking my life now and just how much I had to do I spent the next couple of weeks not sleeping very much. I would wake in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours worrying about all the logistics and just how much I had to do and how much I didn't know. I knew this couldn't continue so I've decided to set myself up with a backup team of people I trust and can get information from when I am unsure. So now my back up team are Carl and Trevor from Neville Richards Real Estate for any details and questions relating to the land. 

Richard from Hotondo Homes for any house stuff. 

My conveyancer Carol from Exchanging Conveyancing for all the legal stuff that I have no idea about.

But now I also have to start thinking about getting my house ready for sale by the beginning of 2020. Because to pay for my new house and land I have to sell my current house. So, I contacted Nicole Rowe from Ian Reid Vendor Advocacy for help in that respect down the track. 

Next, I decided I had some questions only the banks could answer. So, I made an appointment with a consultant at Westpac Eltham. 

My questions were regarding bridging finance, just in case it was needed. The answer was no I am not able to get it as it can only be used when you are selling one house and buying an existing house. The Westpac guy kept apologising that he couldn’t help. But as I told him That was fine, I just needed to know the answer and now I can continue with my plans. So, I'm pretty happy with my back up team at the moment. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Oh my, I'm Building a House!

My meeting with Richard from Hotondo Homes went really well and I felt comfortable with him, which means a lot to my intuition. I was excited but quite nervous about this meeting as I’ve never gone through the process of building a house where I make all the decisions. Throughout the several hours I spent with him he ran through all the information he needed to tell me, we looked at the layout, inclusions and standard of the houses already built by Hotondo Homes. Looking around I was impressed with the standard, not that I’m an expert. I also ran through the three pages of questions I had prepared. It was pretty weird writing my questions as I didn’t really know what questions to ask.
Seachange Estate
During this initial meeting I also made some preliminary decisions on things like roofline, lighting requirements and extras I really knew I wanted. Although nothing is set in stone until much further in the process. I was then required to pay a $1000 refundable deposit. He also advised that the title of the land would not come through for 12 -15 months as it is only a paddock at the moment. That takes it well into the tail end of 2020, but that doesn't worry me as I have to have time to get my current house organised and sold. Then it was a short drive to checkout my piece of land. It took exactly 3 minutes to drive to the beach. 
Lot 614 - This is where my new house will stand

Oh I'm thinking there might be a little bit of fishing done from this pier
Oh, my giddy aunt my head was spinning when I left. I can't believe I am actually buying a new house.