Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I Love.....Part 16

Well here we are at the last day of August and the last day of my "I Love" list. Yes, there are many more things that I love other than the ones I mentioned, but they are for other posts. I have really enjoyed making a conscious effort to think of things I love. It's a great feeling to really recognise and think of what makes me smile. As I mentioned at the beginning of August my "Medicine Wheel" message for the month was "Awakening" and in a few areas of my life I certainly had an awakening this month. They are a bit personal to discuss here but I have to say this month I have realized some now obvious parts of my life that weren't working and need to be changed. Now not only do we move into September but also into Spring- what will September bring me and what will my theme be?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Love.....Part 15

Today Shane and I went to the annual "Wattle Festival" in Hurstbridge. As I have mentioned before I do love a good festival, fair, market etc. and even though the big black clouds loomed overhead it was quite a pleasant day. There were also quite a few things there that I love like .............
Steam Trains
Horse and Cart
and of course Wattle.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Love.....Part 14

"I Love Quotes"
I have always loved quotes, I have kept a notepad for years where I jot down any quotes that touch me. Last night I came across a quote that made me feel warm and fuzzy.
This one is definitely going into my notepad.

"A Laugh is a Smile that Bursts"

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Love.....Part 13

This probably will not be a surprise to many people, but "I Love Being Creative". Last night I participated in a "Resin Jewellery" class. I have wanted to have a try at resin for quite a while as I have seen some really nice pieces. They were also quite expensive and I wanted to see just how much the pieces would really cost to make. There were only four students so we really got our monies worth out of the teacher. I certainly wasn't disappointed with the evening, the process was quite easy and you really don't know the result you will get until you take your masterpiece out of the mould. Now I know my pieces aren't earth shattering but I am really happy with them.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Love.....Part 12

Tonight I am going to start of with something I don't really love and I can almost hear the moan from all my female friends out there at the sight of this photo. Yes it was my time to have a mammogram!!! I have had them for many many years as I have a family history of breast cancer. My Mum was a breast cancer survivor of 28 years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 68 and luckily for all of us stayed around until she was 91. Shane actually asked me this time what it was like having this xray. It is really hard to explain to anyone who hasn't been through this wonderful experience, all I can say is just think of pancakes.

Now after that I really have to finish off with something I love. Those close to me often pick on me for doing classes in anything and everything. I just love learning something new, even if I don't use that skill for years afterwards, I just love the feeling it gives me to learn new stuff. Tomorrow night I am doing a class in Resin Jewellery and I am looking forward to sharing my creation with you all.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Love.....Part 11

One of my favorite outings is to go to markets. That's why my I love for today is "I Love Markets". I'm not fussy, it can be either a craft market, a food market, a trash and treasure market, really any sort of market. Any time I am visiting anywhere different either locally in another state or overseas I will always check out any markets that may be happening while I am visiting. I don't even have to buy anything at the market, it is just such a great experience checking out all the variety on the stands, smells, sights and of course the people.
I must admit some markets I have been to have really challenged me smell wise. One such market is the local market in Denpasar in Bali. I really love visiting this market but the lower level where all the meat, vegetables and spices are is quite overpowering, but because it is such a great experience I just cover my nose and soak up the sights. Shane and I visited the Flemington Craft Market this morning and it certainly did not fall into the smelly category at all. The smells of the "Profiteroles", "Paella", "Salt and Pepper Calamari" and heaps more were absolutely yummy. Then there was the relaxing smell of the "Vanilla Soy Candles" and flowers. 
What a lovely way to spend a morning.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I Love.....Part 10

I'm now back in Melbourne after my short trip up north to Cairns. It's amazing how one country can have such a variance in weather. Cairns was a sunny 27c and when we arrived back in Melbourne last night it was a very chilly 7c!!!! But then it is good, if you get sick of the cold Winter weather you have the option of heading up north to thaw out. Tonights "I Love" is an obvious and easy one. "I Love My Kids". It was such a wonderful feeling spending time with them. When they were little my Mum game them the nicknames - "I Want" for Shane and "Me Too" for Rachel. The reason being that Shane was always saying "I Want" and Rachel being the little sister who followed her big brother everywhere and wanted everything the same as him would follow up with "Me Too". Well I must say some things never change - those two little people are now 28yr and 30yr and Rachel was still saying "Me Too" when Shane said he was going to do something. This photo is when we were going for a morning walk along one of the Cairns northern beaches with the dogs - Mitch and Bosco. What a beautiful way to spend the morning.  

Monday, August 16, 2010

I Love.....Part 9

Hello my lovelies, yes I am still alive. I am having a few days up in Cairns, Rachel (daughter) and I flew up here Saturday morning to spend some time with Shane (son) and Stacey (sons girlfriend) for both of their 30th birthdays. Stacey turned 30 on Friday and Shanes birthday was Sunday. Saturday was spent just catching up. Then Sunday Shane, Rachel and I headed of early in Shanes boat to do some fishing on the edge of the world famous "Great Barrier Reef".  It is illegal to fish over the reef so that is why we fished at the edge. It was a glorious day, probably around 26c with very little wind and the bluest water you could ever imagine. In a couple of areas while travelling out to our fishing spots we were lucky to be able to see the reef under us. We caught quite a few beautiful fish, but most were under sized so they went back, but we ended up getting enough for a meal for the four of us tonight. After getting back from fishing and having a well needed shower we went out for dinner to have a birthday celebration for both Shane and Stacey. Today has turned out to be quite a lazy day, Stacey had to go to work so Shane, Rachel and I went out for lunch. As a mum it is so nice to spend time with my two children at the same time. It is such a rear occurance and because I have no siblings, it is a joy to see my kids - now adults - bounce of each others sense of humour as the did when they were little people.
I will have to wait until I get home to upload some of my photos because I forgot to bring the cord. But below is a free photo of Green Island and the reef, which is just near where we were.
Green Island & Reef

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Love.....Part 8

Today I didn't have to go to work so I shouted myself to a real "Davine Time" day. First up I went and had my nails done, then it was time for the lovely Hayley to cut my hair before I coloured up some of the greys. The afternoon was time for a Dr.s visit - not that much fun but essential. Then to finish of my lovely day, Shane and I went out for a yummy meal. I loved my whole day but it was our meal that is the main focus of  my "I Love" for today. We went out for "Mexican"  yum yum yum - Mexican is by far my favorite eat out meal. I'm I have eaten Mexican in lots of countries even in Mexico, cooked Mexican many many times and never get sick of it. I must say "I Love Mexican Food". Whats your favorite eat out meal? Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love.....part 7

I'm not a huge movie fan, I think I have a pretty good sense of humour but I rarely go out of my way to watch a comedy, scary movies do my head in way to much. But I love movies that are make believe, science fiction, out there. I love all of "Lord of the Rings", Star Wars, all of the "Indiana Jones Movies", most of the "James Bond Movies", all of the "Harry Potter Movies" and I am really looking the the next one coming out later this year. I have had this passion for these type of movies for as long as I can remember. I recall as a little girl my favorite movie was "Alibaba and the Forty Thieves". I remember there were a few other Arabian Night theme movies I loved but I cannot remember their names. I guess I just love make believe.  
Alibaba and the 40 Theives

Monday, August 9, 2010

I Love.....part 6

I am so tired tonight after having an exhausting but exhilarating day at a huge gift fair for retailers. I am able to attend because I now have  business - my jewellery. Most of the 800 plus amazing stands were not really appropriate for my line of business, but there were quite few wholesalers that had supplies that I use. I bought some beautiful amber pendants from the Baltic part of the world to go with some of the chains I make. Also just walking around so much wonderful creative sights really brings out the creativity in me. Now I will get to my "I Love" for today. When I got home my feet were killing me - they were yelling "we have walked way to far". So I prepared a bucket of lovely hot water filled with relaxing smelling bubbles and relaxed. It's amazing how relaxing it is when you are soaking your feet, so all I have to say is "I Love Soaking my Feet". Sorry I don't have a photo, way to tired to lift my camera.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I Love.....5

I have never been a sports playing person - I did play field hockey at school for a little while, but my first blacvk eye made me realize it wasn't for me. But I do I love watching most sports. When I lived in Canada and New York I loved going to watch baseball and especially ice-hockey.  I also love to watch cricket, basketball but my favorite would have to be Australian Rules Football (AFL). For the non Aussies out there AFL is our national game of football but it is nothing like soccer. The team I support are the St. Kilda Saints and I have supported them all my life. The Saints were also my Dads team and everytime I am watching them I know he is sitting there with me. The last four weeks it has been a bit painful watching them as they have lost all four games. But today the game I watched reminded me that I do love the Saints, they played they usual winning style of game and won by 94 points and it was a joy to watch.

Friday, August 6, 2010

I Love.....part 4

Driving to work this morning my "I Love" post for tonight was staring me in the face. This time of year here in Melbourne all the "Wattle Trees" start to burst with their beautiful yellow delicate wattle blooms. Now I am not much of a gardener and when I was younger it really didn't interest me very much, but one of the blooms that always made me smile was "Wattle. I have been told the wattle is an easy tree to grow, but not for me, I just don't seem to have any luck with them. I have tried picking a branch and putting it in a beautiful vase inside but the smell wasn't attractive to my nose at all. So I am happy to admire the blooms from afar. On the last Sunday of this month (August 29th) a local township - "Hurstbridge" - have their annual "Wattle Festival". I really enjoy village festivals and markets, but thats another post completly.  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Love.....part 3

I must say I am enjoying my August project of listing things that I love.
It is really making me more aware of the things in my life that make me smile.
Today I would like to share a love that I sort of wish I wasn't addicted to.

Potato Chips .....................Mmmmmm I love potato chips, any sort, except "salt and vinegar". They are my comfort food if I am feeling down. I enjoy a packet of chippies when I am going on a long drive, sitting watching a movie, munching while having a drink, just about anytime really. I actually have a love/hate relationship with potato chips because they are the one thing that will make me fall of the wagon when I am trying to eat healthy. My healthy eating will be going great when all of a sudden I find myself sitting munching on some chips. Now this may sound a bit weird to some but the funny thing is I know why I am addicted to potatoe chips. It was sort of breed into me because my Mum and Dad first met when they both worked in a "Potato Chip Factory". I have always thought of it as a bit of a family romantic story and I think I will always love chips. Now when I eat them I have a smile because I think about when Mum and Dads eyes met over the fryer or whatever.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Love....... part 2

I really love rain. I'm sitting here in my cosy chair listening to the rain fall gently on my tin roof. For some reason the rain has always made me feel cosy. I have been known to walk in the rain. If you don't think and worry about getting to wet, ruining your hairdo, catching a cold, it is a really relaxing and liberating feeling. When anyone is walking in the rain you are usually surrounded by people hurrying, rushing and panicking to get out of the rain as soon as possible. But if you don't care about the wetness and just enjoy the moment, it is like you are in your own little cocoon. During one of our long hot Aussie summers and the temperature has been tipping the high 30c's and low 40c's and the humidity is soaring up there you really notice the absence of rain. Then all of a sudden the weather breaks and we get a huge downpour, ahhhh heaven. There's nothing better than standing in the beautiful soaking cooling rain drops, your whole body just smiles.  

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Love.................

Theres millions of things I love and there's different levels of love. Like the amazing  all consuming love a Mum has for her children, the warm and cosy love you have for your best friends. Then theres the things we just love cause they make us feel good, give us a laugh of are just plain old fun. One of those small "I love that" things is that I love "Junk Mail". I am definitely not one of those people that have a "No Junk Mail" sign on my letterbox. I love it when the catalogues arrives and sitting back an glancing thru them. It's funny but I am not a big shopper, but I have come across a few bargains which make it worth it. When I lived in New York I used to  love getting the discount coupon, yes I was one of those people that would have them in a holder and in order. Wish we had them here in Australia. So after my full days work today I felt like doing some mindless creativity tonight, so I created an "I love junk mail" page in my "All about me Journal". I would show you the page but seem to not be able to download the photo. Oh well maybe tomorrow I might have better luck.
Maybe my awakening message for August is my awakening my mind to all of the things I love from the all consuming to the fun. Light Bulb moment - each day I will write about one thing I love.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Mind Freeze

I'm having a bit of a brain freeze at the moment (like the weather) and I cannot think of anything to write about. I think I have been thinking of the awakening message to much and nothing else can fit in my head. So I thought I would just share a photo from the past with you.

Shane loves to collect "Stubbie Holders" from every town he visits. Something had to be done when the cupboard started over flowing. Lets just say they are now out of the cupboard but are now sitting in shopping bags waiting for there new home.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Medicine Wheel - August

Well here we are in August, our last month of one of the coldest Winters in a while. I must admit I do like Winter, I like getting snuggled up in my PJ's  in my big comfy chair, in a nice warm house. But I am looking forward to Spring, I view it as a time of not only regrowth, but almost a rebirthing time, a time when we can shake of all the past cobwebs and sprout our new fresh wings for the rest of the year.
My "Medicine Wheel" message for August is "Awakening". Now I know what the literal meaning of awakening is but what is the meaning for me this month. Will it be a "Spiritual Awakening, a "Lifestyle Awakening" or some other sort of awakening that I just haven't realized yet.
Me being me (I google everything) I googled images of the word awakening and it came up with this amazing sculpture in Washington. The Awakening is a 100-foot statue of a giant embedded in the earth, struggling to free himself. The statue consists of five separate aluminum pieces buried in the ground, giving the impression of a panicked giant trying to pull himself to the surface. The left hand and right foot barely protrude, while the bent left leg and knee jut into the air. The 17-foot right arm and hand reach farther out of the ground, and the bearded face, with the mouth in mid-scream, struggles to emerge from the surrounding earth. Wish I had have known about it when I was in Washington. Has anyone out there seen it?

If you were given the word "Awakening" as your message for the month what would your interpretation be? I would love to hear what your take on the word would be, please leave me a comment with your idea. I wonder how many different interpretations we can get.