Friday, July 28, 2017

Yes I am still alive!!!

Wow I can't believe I haven't posted since March. Yes I am still alive and have been pretty busy with life in general. One of my big happy times was welcoming a new member to our family.
Clare and Starr at eight weeks old
Starr is an American Staffordshire Terrier (Staffy). We got her when she was 8 weeks old and she is now almost 7 months. Her training is going well and thank goodness she is over the baby stage of wanting to eat us. She still has lots of puppy issues but slowly but surely we are getting there.
Starr at six months
I have also spent quite a bit of time up on the New South Wales coast at my sons house. It was great getting to spend time with my two little grandsons O'Shea and Finn. Rachel, Clare, Mikayla and I also headed up there for a week of the school holidays. It was such a beautiful time spending time with both my two (now grown) babies and my four adorable grandbabies.



Mikayla having just finished her strawberries
I was also given the fantastic news (a day apart) that my daughter, Rachel and daughter in law, Stacey are both expecting their third children. They are due within about a week of each other. So that will be even more JOY in my life.
Stacey and Rachel with my two new grandbabies
 I must say Clare, O'Shea, Mikayla and Finn are all pretty excited that they are getting a new baby in the house. I will ask them again about a month into the arrival. Their idea of a cute baby may be a little tarnished by then.