Friday, June 7, 2013

Jumping Crocodiles

Today's adventure was heading out to the Adelaide river to go on a cruise on the Adelaide Queen to see some of the crocodiles that live in this area of the river. Within 2 minutes of setting off from the jetty we had crocodiles heading towards the boat for a snack of a pork chop. Apparently crocodiles can actually live on as little as one chicken per month, but a long as food is there they will keep eating. The first couple of visitors were young males, I was very excited as I have only ever seen one croc before in the wild and that was a fair way in the distance. Shane had  done this cruise before and there was a huge croc named Bogart, he had one of his front feet missing residing in this part of the water, but he hasn't been sited for quite a while and the cruise owners think he may have died. That is the reason the young males have now taken up residence. As we headed down the river we then came across a few females, they were a lot quieter. Just about as all hope was almost lost we sited the other big male living up river. Hi name is Agro, weighing in at 1 ton and the measurement of 2 metres around his belly. He doesn't like to jump (to big to get up high in the air) and he prefers to walk up onto the bank and get his pork chop. I enjoyed the cruise a lot more than I thought and now know that I definitely won't be going any where near the water!!



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