Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tropical Markets

As I have mentioned I love markets. Every town, city, village I visit, no matter where in the world it is I also seek out the markets. I especially love a market in the tropics, they have a different feel about them. Although I must say I am a bit surprised buy the absence of some tropical fruits at the Darwin markets. I thought they would have the unusual fruits such as Rambutan and Custard Apple as the markets in Cairns do. But even so I still enjoy a market. This morning we enjoyed the Nightcliff Village Market with its wide range of tasty foods such as curries, soups, crepes, satays, sushi, samosas, burgers, noodles.. and locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. We also enjoyed a yummy tropical fruit juice. There is also a diverse range of arts and craft, clothing, plants, massage and tarot stalls. One stall I had to stop of at was only small but the stall holder has a huge personality. It was maned by none other than Monte Dwyer, yes the Monte that did the weather on Channel 9 for many years. For my overseas friends or those a bit younger than me Monte has been in television in various roles for many years. But I remember him from the news and his personality was always as vibrant as his shirts - he always did, and still did today wore very loud Hawaiian type shirts. Anyway to get on with my story he has been travelling around Australia for quite a while in his camper named Claude and writing books on all the wonderful sights, sounds and people in this wonderful country. I bought his latest book The Nomads at Large and am really looking forward to reading it. If anyone would like to check out his website, blog or buy a book check out
Beautiful Tropical Plants

Amazing Colours

Monte !!

Tonight we went out for dinner again, I know I am supposed to be on a budget! But I figure as we are leaving Darwin on Tuesday for the unknown we had better lash out while we can. This time we went to the Casino - SkyCity - for yet another smorgasbord. No I didn't take a photo of my meal tonight because I have realised most of my pictures are either of food or a nice cold beer!!
                Anyway I now bid you all good night as I lie in a pool of perspiration in my bed.
                                              And it's supposed to be Winter !!!!


  1. great post Davine. You should come check out our market here. I love wandering round it on a Saturday. or the one on BCN, a little touristy but still good value!

  2. Sounds and looks like the world of fun! I love the vibrant colors and the food sounds divine.

    Have a wonderful week.


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