Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Day Trip

Yesterday Susan, Bosco (Shane’s dog) and I had another day trip northward. I decided today we would take Bosco along with us as he travels really well in the back of the car. He enjoyed his day with the wind blowing thru his fur – although he did lay down and sleep most of the trip.
Bosco - ready for his adventure
After driving through some beautiful green countryside we made our first stop of at the tiny town of “Candelo”. My son said to go and have a look here because he thought we would like this little town. Now “little” was the operative word – there were about 3 stores, but it is still nice to see the small towns of our wonderful country. Candelo is set in the Bega Valley and although small is well known for it various festival held throughout the year.
We then set off along the banks of the Candelo Creek to next small township of “Central Tilba”.  We were amazed by the devastation of the recent floods; there were literally hundreds of tress that had been flattened down by the force of the flood waters that had hurdled down the rivers recently.  
Trees flattened by the floods
After about another 30 mins we arrived at the delightful township of “Central Tilba”. I have visited this little town on many occasions and I still always look forward to visiting.  This delightful little town is a working heritage village and is  classified under the  a National Trust and has been named as one of Australia's top 20 heritage sites. It is located in the foothills of Mount Dromedary. It is only one small road filled with lots of interesting shops that sell mostly handmade goods.  Susan and I had a good look at all the shops while Bosco patiently waited for us outside. He is really a very well behaved dog, although we did find out today that he is a bit frightened of wooden rocking horses. He growled, barked while backing away from them – it was quite hilarious.
Dromedary Hotel - Central Tilba

Bega Valley

Bosco - the perfect travelling companion
Then it was time to head back to Eden and enjoy our last dinner out with Shane. Now today it is time to head back home and start planning for the cruise I am going on in April.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Girls Day Out

Today Susan and I decided to go on a bit of a day trip to a couple of small townships. I must admit we did get ourselves slightly lost (talking to much I am thinking) so we decided just to keep driving and see where we ended up. After leaving Eden we stopped at Merimbula for a little shopping. Merimbula is a town where I have camped on many occasions with my ex husband when my kids were little. It holds a lot of good and sad memories for me, so it was good to be there with Susan to see it with different eyes. Then it was onto Bega - known for it's yummy "Bega Cheese". We drove a little further north to Cobargo and then we headed east toward the coast and the delightful township of Bermagui where we had a yummy feed of the very freshest fish. Bermagui is a very nice township with a really good feeling about it.  One of the tourist attractions in Bermagui is the saltwater "Blue Pool" that would be a very refreshing place to go for a swim and hang out on a nice warm day - today was just a little to chilly.

Bermagui's "Blue Pool"
Then it was onto Tathra where the "Historic Steamer 1862 Wharf" is located.

Tathra Historic Wharf
We then headed on the road back to Eden for a nice relaxing evening with my boy - Shane. Tomorrow we might try and find the towns we couldn't find today.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eden - Day 2

This morning Susan, Shane, Bosco and I had a very enjoyable walk along the beach.
Bosco had heaps of fun playing on the beach.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Sunrise

Today I had the pleasure of watching the sun rise on another wonderful day. This time I wasn't able to get any photos as I was driving. I got up really early to commence my 2 hour drive to Traralgon to pick up my cousin Susan and then we were of on our road trip to Eden which was another 5 hour drive. We are spending the next 5 days up here with my georgous son Shane. He has recently just got a new job here and is now waiting for Stacey to come down from Cairns to join him. Then in July they are due to have their new baby. Eden is a coastal town in the south coastal region of New South Wales. The town, 478 kilometres (297 miles) south of Sydney near the border with Victoria, is located between Nullica Bay to the south and Calle Calle Bay, the northern reach of Twofold Bay. Eden's population is approx. 3,006.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Week In Torquay - over

Now home and looking back at my week in Torquay, I must say I ended having a very nice relaxing week. After our initial flood the weather for the rest of the week turned out to be quite enjoyable. One day we even had a dip in the ocean. My last day I got myself up while it was still dark and headed down to the beach to get some shots of the sun coming up. Oh what a wonderful way to start your day when you start it with this sun raising its head. 
Before I show you some of my photos from my week in Torquay
I just have to show our flood comparison from 2010 to 2011.  

Muddy Feet - Day 1

Muddy Feet - Day 1

Point Lonsdale Lighthouse

Good Morning Wednesday

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Week In Torquay - Days 2 to 5

What a mixture of weather and events we have had over the past four days. I'll start at the beginning, which is the best place to start. During our first night we got torrential rain all night long and the front part of our tent flooded a bit, but luckily our bedroom was completely dry. It was quite a "Ground Hog Day" experience. This same weekend last year (2010) I took a photo of my feet up to the ankles in mud here in Torquay.
This years photo of my feet on our day two in 2011 looks almost exactly the same. Then the next morning Shane decided to relocate one of the tent ropes so he removed the tent peg out of the dirt and as soon as he did water started bubbling out of the ground. So now our small flood in the tent was slowly turning into a lake. To cut a long saga short the plumber eventually arrived and fixed the little fountain and the park manager had arrived and worked out that we could move our camp to the site next door. So between six of us we basically picked up everything and shuffled to the left a few meters. Since then we have had beautiful weather and our little tent is very comfortable. Yesterday Alice, Robyn and I even went do the beach and had a bit of a dip in the ocean. Today Shane and I headed of to the Sunday Market in Angelsea then a drive along the famous "Great Ocean Road" for a yummy meal at Wye River. I have taken quite a few photos but I am having trouble uploading them so they will have to wait for another post.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Week In Torquay

Today is our first day of our "Week In Torquay". Shane and are spending the week camping with two other couples - Mick & Lois and John & Robyn. I'm sure I will have a chance to show you a photo of them at some stage during our time here. As you can see the new tent is up with only a little bit of tension between Shane and I. Considering this is only our first use of this tent (2 practice sessions previously) a little bit of tension is pretty good. We were going to bring a tent that we have had for years, it actually belonged to my Mum & Dad. But after having it up in the back yard for a few days of lots of rain and some of that rain ending up on the inside of the tent we decided we had to seek alternative accommodation. Thanks goodness my friend Jenny used to own a store called Paddy Pallins and they specialised in all outdoor equipment and she had some left over stock. I really enjoy camping, it is so nice sitting outdoors even if it's not so warm. So I am now of to go an sit with friends and have a quiet drink.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our Date

I have had such a wonderful day out with my daughter Rachel. Our date started with a venture through one of our favorite shops - IKEA. We have both always loved wondering around Ikea, even when we were on holiday in Vancouver we still had a wander. After we had bought what we needed and wanted we then went onto another favorite place. We went to "TGI Fridays" for a yummy lunch. Rachel and I have had many a date at good old "TGI Fridays" - we love the food and have our definite favorites and today was no different. They only difference today was I don't normally eat desert but somehow Rachel talked me into ordering this rather large Hot Chocolate Ice Cream Sundae - even though I knew I was being a bit of a piggy I still ate it. Rachel is now 6 months pregnant and today I felt my grand baby kicking, wow how amazing. This was actually the first time I have ever felt a baby kick - other than when I was pregnant. What a great great day with my baby and her baby.