Friday, February 27, 2009

What's your Favorite Animal?

Can you guess mine?
Yes it is in fact a wombat.
I just love them, from babies to big old grumpy grand daddies. These shots were taken when I went to Flinders Island with Flavio on a work Educational. She was only a baby and had been left alone when her Mum was killed by a car. The lady who ran the refuge had about four baby wombats in here care. Flinders Island is quite a beautiful place to visit. The only thing that puts people of is that you can only get there in a small plane. Didn't worry me though I loved it. On the flight home I got to sit in the front with the pilot - oh my goodness it was so cool.
Not sure how much blogging I will get to do over this weekend,
I have a lot of socializing to do this weekend.

Hey how about everyone that reads my blog lets me know there favorite animal.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Sunrise Over Lake Tyers

The dictionary meaning of procrastinate is:
1: to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an

opportunity is lost.
2: to put off till another day or time; defer; delay.
This is me to a tee, I have developed this action down to a fine art.
I wish someone could hand me

"The five easy steps to combat procrastination".
But reading this definition really does sum up what happens when we procrastinate.
We delay something that we need, should and sometimes want to do.
It also hands us a LOST OPPORTUNITY.
While I was surfing the net last night I also found this great quote as well,

and it actually got me to move into action.

"Procrastination is the thief of time.
Putting things off robs us of the opportunity to accomplish something."

So I sat myself down and wrote 5 things I really wanted and needed to accomplish today. The reason 5 things? Years ago I did some sort of course where I was told that our brain can
only handle 5 tasks per day. One of my tasks was to go to the Gym, and surprise surprise I got
up and was down at the Leisure Centre at 7.45am doing water aerobics. To my surprise now, I actually got my 5 tasks completed.

I know it has only been one day, but that’s it, I have succeeded for one day.
Now my positive thinking is going to kick in and I WILL succeed tomorrow.

"You never discover new oceans until you leave the shore"

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yahoo I'm back on line

Yes I know I haven't written anything for a week and what a week it's been. I have had I.T issues (not completely solved), Family Issues (sort of solved), personal issues (working on them now).
With all the above issues I have also had a pretty good week as well.
Last Wednesday night I had my last "Picture Framing Class".
This photo is of my finished project. The subject is an etching of
Venice by the Venetian Lithograph Artist Ugo Baracco. It actually
looks so much better in real life. I had so much fun doing the
course and I am very very proud of myself. I am now preparing
to frame some more prints and paintings I have. It is cool that I
can now just go back to the studio and do my framing and only
pay for the board and wood I actually use.
On Friday night I picked up my gorgeous son Shane from the airport. He is in Melbourne for a weeks conference and on Saturday night we had a catchup BBQ. We ate, drank and played darts. Guess who won the last game of darts - ME!!!. I cannot play for nuts, maybe it had something to do with the alcohol my opponents had consumed???
It was so nice to spend the night with both of my kids, as Shane lives in Mission Beach in
Far North Queensland Rachel and I don' get to see him much.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"The Power of Positive Thinking"

Flinders Island

I know when my daughter Rachel reads this she is going to say
"Oh no here she goes again - she is such a hippy". Right Rachel?
I am always going on to my family about "The Power of Positive Thinking", because it really does work. I have proven it to myself and others many many times. If you tell yourself something is going to happen and you actually feel it inside yourself that it already has happened, most of the time it will happen. If I am out driving around and my dear old Dad is with me I really have to get a parking spot in a particular spot, either in the shade, close to the door etc. Even when I am out for work I see my parking spot in my minds eye and guess what 9 out of 10 times I get one just where I want one. I put "The Power of Positive Thinking" to the test again this morning. Twice I wanted car parks in the shade at 2 different supermarket car parks (we know how busy they can be) and yes I got them. Then I was walking into a Shopping Centre (not one I normally go to and not in my area) and told myself that I was going to see someone I knew. Low and Behold I ran into a girl I went to school with (that was a very long time ago).

So as far as I am concerned "The Power of Positive Thinking" works and I am going to just keep on visualising that million dollar cheque in my mail box.

When it arrives the "Riccadonna" is on me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Pull My Finger Out"

With all the sadness with the bushfires about this past week I have not felt motivated to do any much at all. It is weird I have sort of felt guilty that I can be happy and some people cannot. But last night I decided that I just have to "Pull My Finger Out". So I pampered myself in a "Bubble Bath", did my nails and told myself "Self if you don't look after your own life how can you help anyone else". Don't worry Rachel & Susie I haven't got to the point where I answer myself yet. So this week is going to be a good one for all, not just me.
"The Power Of Positive Thinking".
I am not going to dwell on the tragic events. But one thing I must say is how AMAZING are Australians. We as a nation have done so much to help our fellow Aussies, we can really be proud to be Australian.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Photography Made Easy"

As well as my "Picture Framing Course" I have always wanted to do a one on one class with a photographer to try and improve my skills. Yesterday morning I had the chance to do one with Martin from "Photography Made Easy". It just so happened I was the only one doing the class so I had this amazing teacher/photographer to myself. I learnt so much about things I just didn't quite have a handle on and I also got a great history lesson of Melbourne. It was amazing I have lived in Melbourne all my life and there were things I had no knowledge of at all. It just shows we can always learn something from someone. I believe that is why certain people are put in our life path. Either we are to learn something from them or visa versa. So we really need to make the most of everyone we meet, we have obviously crossed paths for a reason. These photos are two of the shots I took, I am really pleased with them. Now I just want to get out there and take photos of everything so I can put into practice what I have been taught. Tonight I am of to my 2nd framing class, I am so looking forward to it.
Todays Ouote - "Creative Clutter Is Better Than Idle Neatness"

Monday, February 9, 2009

"We Can Help and Also Feel Good"

Today I was going to write about some of my craft activities but with the terrible bushfires around I just have to share with you all an email I have sent to all in my address book.

Hi all, Some of you know me and some of you don't, but this is an email I really really want you to read. If you act upon it, you will not only help someone, you will also feel really GOOD. I can promise that. With the terrible Bushfires in Victoria I fell compelled to ask everyone I know to try and find it in their heart and donate some money to the Victorian Bushfire Fund. I have just done a run around from each person in my family and donated it onto the website. Bless my dear old 90 year old Dad, he has donated $90.00. You can donate money on the Red Cross website or call 1800 811 700. We all get so many of those crappy emails with messages such as "if you fill out these details and send it to 10 people you will get your wish" or something too that effect. We all know they are just crap and they will never work in a million years. But we still answer them just in case. WHY!! Maybe now it is time we actually do something that does work. I know there are a lot of tragic things that happen in the world, but this has really affected me. Maybe it is because I know people who have been affected, or maybe because I used to live in Whittlesea and it has bought it closer to my heart. Maybe its not such a bad idea that every time we get a crap email, we delete it and go and do something for someone. Even if it is just to donate a piece of clothing we don't use anymore, or just put the spare change in our pocket into a money box and to take to a charity. I think in these really hard times for people, those of us who can help should, don't you? As well as donating I would plead with you to send this email onto everyone in your address book, on your face book list, your my space list, your blog anywhere we can get the word out to HELP someone. Thank you for listening to me and may you receive everything you wish for.
"Those who makes Excuses, make nothing else" Love to all Davine

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What is going on with the weather!!!

Well anyone in Victoria today has done it tough. Melbourne has had its hottest day EVER reaching 46.4c!!. I am so glad I have just had my aircons installed. But even though us city folk have been sweltering, our hearts have to go out to all the people affected by the bush fires. I have been listening to reports as two of the bushfire locations are where I have friends and family. All is OK with them I am thankful to say. I cannot even imagine my house burning down and loosing ALL of my belongings. I suppose in the scheme of things they are only material, as long as no lives are lost. But still it would be the scariest situation.

Our beautiful country does have quite a range of weather - 46c and bush fires in Victoria and Queensland is currently getting terrible floods and Cyclones. My son Shane and his partner Stacey live in Far North Queensland and I keep calling him to make sure he is OK. He was pretty excited the other day when he realised he drove in his 1st cyclone - strange person my boy.

Anyway tomorrow is going to be something like 24c (crazy hey), here's hoping it helps the fire fighters - who are worth their weight in gold.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Work, Work, Work

Over the last few years my working life has changed totally. For over 10 years I was a travel agent at the "Tasmanian Travel Centre" in Collins St, Melbourne until the Tasmanian Government closed us down. It was a very stressful time as I really loved my job. My future had all of a sudden become so uncertain. Most people don't work somewhere and actually love their job. I was lucky enough to be approached by a travel wholesaler "Groups Tasmania" to offer me the position of being their "Victorian Sales Manager". I accepted and have now worked with David, Brett, Wendy and Garry for just over 2 years. It is a great job and a great company to work for. One of my duties is to meet with various people in the travel industry and basically try and get their business. Today was sort of one of those days and I had lunch with a few girls from the "Spirit of Tasmania" . We went down to St. Kilda and had Tapas at a restaurant called "Pelican". The food was really delicious especially the Moreton Bay Bugs. It was so nice down there not to busy and not to hot. There were people relaxing on the beach, walking along the esplanade and busily working. I just love "people watching". I gaze and wonder are they happy in their life, where are they going, where are the from??? It is very relaxing just sitting and looking at people just being. Tomorrow we are once again in for a hot one 43c !!!!! I think I might sit in my airconditioned room and do a few scrapbooking pages - maybe even drink the bottle of Riccadonna in the fridge.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Picture Framing Fun"

Last night I went to the first night of a "Picture Framing Class". It only goes for 3 nights and then after I finish I can go to the shop and do any framing I have and just pay for what I use. Should come in handy as I have many many many photos, cross stitch, prints, paintings and 1 Signed AFL (Rachels) and 1 Signed Rugby (Shanes) jumper to mount and frame. I have wanted to do a course like this for about 10 years, but to my usual form I have put it off and put it off. Not now - life is to short to just keep putting off things that we really want to do. Last night I made a matt for a beautiful etching that was bought in Venice about 18 years ago. (Told you I put things off!!!) I get to frame it on the last night of the course, so I will share my photo then. Being creative gives me such a high. I think that is another reason I have decided to write a blog, it makes me accountable to finish all of my UFO's.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Why "53 Buddhas and Me"??

That is the question.
Why did I name my blog
"53 Buddha's and Me"?
For anyone who knows me, they know I am a bit of a collector of Buddhas. Everywhere I go, if I see a Buddha I just have to buy one. Its nice to have them from various locations as it takes me back to that place for a moment. Friends have even been on holidays all over the world and returned home with a Buddha for me. It's like I have joined them on their holiday, if only in their thoughts. I just love my Buddhas, for some reason when I am near any of them I am transported to a really peaceful and happy place. This photo is of my very 1st Buddha. I was on a short holiday in Hong Kong with my ex - Paul. We caught the ferry to Macau and there was a street stall of goods that had been made in China. I fell in love with him straight away and that was the beginning of my Buddha addiction. He is made from tree sap and looks really beautiful of an evening when I place a tea light candle behind him - he glows so beautifully. So now why I named my blog "53 Buddha's and Me". Well at the time I started writing my blog I had 53 Buddhas, but now I have 53 1/2 - 1/2 you might ask. Well I am now minding one for Rachel's (D26) partner Luke. He is already looking quite content with the rest of the clan. As I continue with my blog I will introduce you to my other Buddhas.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Angel Tuesday

Well here I am writing my first blog post. This morning I went to my 1st "Angels Tuesday" for 2009. What a wonderful morning I spent with Michelle, Jenny, Marisa, Betty, Sylda and Karin. I am not sure what was going on with my energies but even though I had a very relaxing time I came away with a thumping headache and sore tense shoulder. One of the revelations that did come out of the morning was "Why do I want to write a blog". I knew I wanted to start writing but wasn't sure why, but now I know. My household now consists of Shane, my partner who is a very quiet person, Keith my 90 year old Dad, who is also very quiet, my dog Zoe, cat Caspa and six fish and none of them say much either. As for me I am a bit of a talker and I have realised that this is a way I can get out what I want to say without walking around the house talking to myself. I am not sure if I am writing this blog for anyone else or just me. But anyone who does drop by, welcome to my life and I would love to hear from you.