Friday, February 14, 2020

My Broulee Adventure - Day 3

It's been a pretty quiet day today. Usually the day after I do the big drive 
whether it's coming up here or going home I'm pretty tired. 
With everyone of at work, school or childcare it was just me and 
Bosco to hang out at home.

Beautiful Frangipani 

Enjoying lunch on the new patio

I had a little bit of  new house stuff to do on my laptop, then after a healthy lunch out on the new patio in the nice sunshine I could feel my eyes telling me it was time for a Nana nap. My eyes were definitely not getting an argument from me. 

Seeing it's Valentines Day Shane and Stacey went out for dinner and this kids and I hung out together. Louis enjoyed playing with his cars and the two bigger boys O'Shea and Finn claimed my bed to watch Star Wars on the iPad. 

Louis loves his cars
Finn and O'Shea take over my bed to watch a bit of Star Wars

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