Friday, March 30, 2012

The Lone Fisherman at Sunrise

The Lone Fisherman at Sunrise - Did he catch anything???

Yes he caught a small Banjo Shark -
and no he didn't keep him he sent him back to the Ocean

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rye - Day 5

Well we have survived our first 5 days without to many dramas and no arguments (which is surprising) in our new camper. We have decided to name her "Myrtle" because that was my Nana's name and Shane's Mum was known as Myrtle. I am going to seek out some way to get the name put in the camper.

When we arrived on Wednesday (Day 1) all went week, we just put the camper up and had a nice relaxing evening and a great nights sleep. Then Thursday arrived and that was a different matter. We tackled the task of putting up the annex. Now we have put up many a tent and had no problems but a brand new annex is very rigid and not worn in at all and it took Shane, myself and two friends John and Mick several stressful hours to have it completed. Finally it was up and nice and cosy inside. Friday (Day 3) was a nice relaxing day with walks down to the pier, along the beach and just sitting talking to friends. Then that evening Robyn, Lois and myself went to the Peninsula Hot Springs. Oh my goodness what a beautiful and relaxing way to spend 3 hours. You can have lots of spa treatments there but there is an 8 week wait, so we just went to the bathhouse bathing. There is a total of 20 - yes I said 20 - mineral spring pools ranging from cold to warm to hot. There is even a pool in a cave (man made I think, but it's still a cave).  I think I may just have to go again before we leave.

Saturday was once again a lovely relaxing day - in fact I sat myself down and watched a movie - "The Descendants" with George Clooney. I wouldn't say it was the best movie I have ever watched but I enjoyed it. I even had a couple of tears. Today (Sunday - Day 5) we got up early and headed back towards the city to go to the Caravan & Camping Show. This time last year we actually bought "Myrtle" at the show. We were so stressed spending the amount of money we spent. So this year our finances were in a much more healthy state. I just bought a couple of things I now know I need and just had a enjoyable day. I collected lots of brochures on the areas we are intending on travelling to next year. So now we are back at our little camp site and we are both a bit weary, so I think it might be dinner, shower and a good movie that on the agenda tonight. So until next time remember to make sure you do something for yourself this coming week!!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

First Time

Well our camper trailer is all packed and ready to head of on it's first little holiday. We are heading off to Rye - a small beach side town on the Mornington Peninsula - for the next week. This little trip is our first practice run in preparation to our big journey around Australia for 12 months at the end of this year.