Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy Day in the Studio

No work today - so I decided to get creative and I had a busy day in the studio. I am now feeling very satisfied with the jewellery pieces I have designed and made.

I also tried a couple of new things - here are my first attempt at making a couple of wire wrapped rings

and also some resin pendents.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Creative Time

Hi I'm back - I've had quite a busy few days. My massage last week was absolutely wonderful. I felt so totally relaxed at the end of my indulgence. Thanks everyone for sharing your idea of your ideal self indulgence. I have had a couple of days creating some jewellery and organising some dates that I can get involved in a couple of markets. I am now going to work on uploading some photos onto my DavineRaeDesign website. Maybe I will even get my ArtFire website up and running. The time has come for me to move forward.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am just way to tired to think of anything to type tonight. Today was my seventh day straight working at Homing Instincts. I must say I do love working there but I am getting to old for seven days. I have a few days of now and tomorrow I have booked in for a two hour facial and massage. My beautiful daughter Rachel gave me a massage voucher for Christmas. I am so looking forward to my two hours of self indulgence. I would love to hear what your ideal self indulgence would be if you had a whole two hours to spare. Now keep it clean!! Please leave me a comment - we all love to get comments on our blog don't we? So until tomorrow I will say good night and wish you all a lovely night or day, depending on where you are.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Something to think on....

I received the following words in an email from a friend of mine and was asked to forward it on. I don't normally send these messages on but this one really hit a cord with me. Recently I have been going through my late parents things and became aware that I had so many beautiful things hidden away in boxes and if something happened to me tomorrow I would never get the joy of using them. So I have now been getting some much loved items out and getting some pleasure out of using them.

Something to think on.....

A friend of mine opened his wife's underwear drawer and
picked up a silk paper wrapped package:
'This, - he said - isn't any ordinary package.'
He unwrapped the box and stared at both the silk paper and the box.
'She got this the first time we went to New York, 8 or 9 years ago.
She has never put it on, was saving it for a special occasion.
Well, I guess this is it.
He got near the bed and placed the gift box next to the other
clothing he was taking to the funeral house, his wife had just died.
He turned to me and said:
'Never save something for a special occasion.
Every day in your life is a special occasion'.
I still think those words changed my life.
Now I read more and clean less.
I sit on the porch without worrying about anything.
I spend more time with my family, and less at work.
I understood that life should be a source of experience to be lived up to, not survived through.
I no longer keep anything.
I use crystal glasses every day...
I'll wear new clothes to go to the supermarket, if I feel like it.
I don't save my special perfume for special occasions; I use it whenever I want to.
The words 'Someday....' and ' One Day...' are fading away from my dictionary.
If it's worth seeing, listening or doing, I want to see, listen or do it now....
I don't know what my friend's wife would have done if she knew she wouldn't be there the next morning, this nobody can tell..
I think she might have called her relatives and closest friends.
She might call old friends to make peace over past quarrels.
I'd like to think she would go out for Chinese, her favourite food.
It's these small things that I would regret not doing, if I knew my time had come..
Each day, each hour, each minute, is special.
Live for today, for tomorrow is promised to no-one.
If you got this, it's because someone cares for you and because, probably,
there's someone you care about.
If you're too busy to send this out to other people and you say to yourself
that you will send it ‘One of these days’,
remember that 'One day' is far away... or might never come.....
No matter if you're superstitious or not, spend some time reading it.
It holds useful messages for the soul.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sad Day

Today hasn't been much fun as it is 12 months since my dear old Dad left me. I had to work and I was glad, otherwise I would have just sat around all day and felt sorry for myself. I know we all have to go through the loss of a parent but when you are in the midst of the emotion you feel like the only one in the world that is suffering. I want to thank all of my wonderful friends for putting such lovely comments on my facebook page and I want you to know that your words do help. My Dads name was/is Keith Pitcher and he was a wonderful man. Yes I was a daddy's girl (even at 56) but you could asked anyone who knew him they would all tell you what a great bloke he was. He was the true epitome of a gentleman - he always opened the door for a woman, always walked on the road side of the footpath, just as they did back in the 30's, 40's and 50's. I never ever heard him say a wrong word about anyone, I remember we did have one relative that was quite the busybody and quite annoying. When people in the family would be complaining about her all my Dad would say was "She means well". He also had a very cheeky sense of humour, he would be serious in a conversation and all of a sudden this cheeky little boy would show up. The people he loved most in the world were his Mum - Myrtle, his wife and my Mum - Joan and me and us three woman were very honoured to have had him in our lives. Thanks Dad for helping me be me.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Memories of Bali

Here's a couple of photos I took while in Bali in November. This was the night us girls had a scrumptious seafood dinner on famous and beautiful "Jimbaran Bay".
Bintang Beer & Bali

Bali & the Beauties

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Austin Healeys & Lunch

Here's some more shots from our Sunday together. The Austin Healey Car Club were having a show and then it was time for lunch at the "Fish Bar". The fish was really nice and fresh - Mmmmm.

1954 Austin Healey Streamliner

It was apparent to me that most Austin Healey owners like their cars RED.

Lunch at the "Fish Bar" was yummy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Early Valentines Day

Shane & I spent an early Valentines Day yesterday at Waterfront City, New Quay in Melbourne. It was nice to spend a day just being.  Waterfront city has become quite the place for tourists and locals to head for to spend a nice day. The precinct currently features a number of bronze statues including John Farnham, Graham Kennedy, Kylie Minogue, Dame Nellie Melba and Dame Edna. All Australians know these personalities and some of my International readers may have heard of some too. Thought I would share some of the shots I took.

Dame Edna
Graham Kennedy
John Farnham
John Farnham
Kylie Minogue

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Out of Sorts

I have been a bit out of sorts the past week, with lots of weird emotions sneaking up on me and biting me on the bum. At first I was bewildered as to why I have been having a hard time when only two weeks ago I was on a real high. Now I know why, next Saturday it will be 12 months since my Dad passed away and I have know noticed that I am continually thinking about the things I was doing and emotional turmoil I was in this time last year. I am guessing we all go through these feelings so I will just tackle each day as they are presented to me.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I must admit I am a bit of an IT gadget freak. It's not that I buy lots but I love to read and learn about all the goodies that are out there. But I saw this little gadget on the "Catch of the Day" website, and I couldn't resist buying it. It was a reasonable price too, only cost me A$18.70. What is it I hear you ask? It's a USB Digital HDTV & DAB Tuner, which in English s a little gadget that enables me to watch and record T.V and radio on my laptop. Why did I feel I had to have this gadget? I think it will come in handy when we go camping to Torquay next month, I will be able to watch the news and see whats happening in the world  and if it does happen to rain I can watch some telly.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Interesting --- 2011

I receive a monthly newsletter from Diana Cooper and I just have to share a paragraph from this months newsletter. I just love it when there are events such as this - very interesting.

"The cosmic moment on 11.11.11 at 11.11 promises to be more awesome than any of us can comprehend. It will literally bring in divine energy that will transform us if we are ready. So prepare yourself and be ready to receive it. It may help to be at a high frequency place or portal.

This year we will experience 4 unusual dates. 1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11, 11/11/11. Now take the last 2 digits of your birth year plus the age you will be this year and it will equal 111. Try it. It works."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeling Sorry for Me

I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but I have some sort of allergy (I think) that cause my throat, tongue or lips to swell up, but it is only ever half my throat or tongue or lips. I have been to hospital and an allergist to check it out but to no avail,  they can't find what I am allergic to. It has been happening for about the past 3 years but usually only about every couple of months. But I have had my throat swell twice in the past 3 days. So today I am totally exhausted as I haven't had a proper nights sleep for 3 nights now and I'm bloody tired. Whenever it happens I write down everything I have eaten but there is never a common thread. So now I am writing the ingredients of what I have eaten just in case it is a preservative. But so far still no common threads. So right about now I am over it, I just wish I could work out what is causing it as I don't want it to get so bad one day that I can't breath!! If anyone out there has any suggestions I would love to hear them as I am just about out of ideas and the Dr's seem totally confused with me as well.


On a completely different not - Queenslanders are now preparing themselves for a category 5 cyclone. I feel really sorry for everyone up there but I must say I am very glad Stacey and Shane are in Eden not Cairns. One of there dogs "Mitch" is in boarding kennels up there but he has been evacuated to one of Stacey's friends. Stacey has organised for someone to batten down the hatches at their house and hopefully their house and car will be OK.