Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fun Fun Fun

Well today I did one of my most favourite things to do!!!!! NOT!!! I had a dentist appointment. I have had a toothache for about two weeks, so I thought it was high time I went to see my dentist. I must say my dentist is really nice, gentle, caring but I will apologise to any dentists out there I really don’t like you – don’t take is personal I guess it was that I was traumatised as a child on my visits to my then dentist. The pain was due to a crack in the side of my tooth. So after two injections (Fun Fun Fun) she removed the old filing and replaced it with a new one. As usual after my dentist visits I spend the rest of the day a bit of a zombie, so I jumped into bed for an hour. After my wonderful morning I thought it was time for my “Davine Time”. I just love soaking in a bath and always make my own bath salts. Today I thought I would make some more as I had ran out – but this time I would make it a bit fancy. I googled “Bath Salts” and came up with these “Desert Sands Bath Salts”. Now I am really looking forward to soaking in my bath.


  1. So sorry you had to endure the dentist!
    Plenty fear this appointment. I also use to as a little girl.
    Now, I have to go every working day!
    No, not a dentist,a dental nurse/receptionist.
    Just love your combination & colours with the bath salts. Could definitely do with this after a busy at the surgery. Hmm...most days!
    Take care

  2. Oh, pretty! Nothing like a soak in the tub to feel better -- get all drowsy and get a good sleep afterwards!

  3. "Devine Time" sounds wonderful. So sorry about the toothache. I absolutely hate going to the dentist too.
    Feel better.

  4. Davine, the brighter side to your trip to your dentist, they let you keep your teeth! :-)

    That's a great idea, a soak in a very hot tub... maybe tomorrow, its too late here now tonight!

  5. Shirelyanne- Oh I don't know if I could do your job - just the sounds and smell of the dentist could sent me into a tiss!
    Penniwig- Theres not much better than a hot bath then curl up in bed with clean sheets, clean PJ's and a good read.
    Joanna- Yeah this making time for me is certainly a nice way to spend any free time I have.
    Darlene- Ha Ha yeah that is true she has let me keep my own teeth. Your comment gave me an early morning laugh.


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