Monday, June 17, 2013

All Stocked Up

After a couple of days back in civilization on the outskirts of Darwin I am now ready to head out to the wilderness again. This past weekend has been especially busy in Darwin with the V8 Supercars racing. The caravan park we are staying at - Howard Springs Holiday Park - was inundated with racing enthusiasts with their favorite car teams jumpers on. Although they were mainly in Ford and Holden colours. On Sunday I was sitting quietly by Myrtle when I heard a familiar tune - Greensleeves. Now anyone from Australia (I am not sure if it is the same in other countries) will know if you hear a small van playing Greensleeves, it has to be Mr Wippy, although they go by different names these days. So up I jumped and bolted to the front of the van and bought us both a yummy single chocolate topped ice-cream. Well that was a first getting an ice-cream at the door of my camper. Today was a little quieter as a lot of the rev heads left town, so we ventured out and stocked up on our food etc. supplies ready to head off to Kakadu National Park tomorrow. I'm not sure when my next post will be as I may not have Internet there.

Mr Wippy Ice-Cream Van

Yummo - Had to eat quick though as it was a pretty warm day.


  1. ...and the journey continues, good for you!

    What an amazing adventure you're on, touring your beautiful country!

    Have a wonderful time, cheers.

  2. An ice cream truck! They're a total flashback to my childhood and I smile everytime I hear one coming.
    Glad you got a delicious looking cone.
    xo jj

  3. Imagine that! They must have known you were there, Davine! Looks delicious!


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