Monday, February 23, 2015

Feathers from my Mum

Does anyone feel they get a sign from a loved one who has passed? My Mum left me on a chilly November back in 2007 at 11.11pm. Whenever I see a feather in an unusual place I always know my Mum is with me. And I do see them in some unusual places!! Once I stepped out of the car at a petrol station and this little feather seemed to be following me. As I walked away from this little feather to the other side of the car, I said to myself "OK if this little feather blows under the car to me and touches me I will believe Mum is here with me". Guess what happened next? The little feather blew under the car and touched my little toe. Go figure!!
Feathers I have collected from around Australia that have confronted me in unusual places
Another feather incident that was totally "in my face" was while I was staying at my son Shane's house in Batemans Bay. I was walking through a shopping centre with Shane (partner not son) and my grandson O'Shea. O'Shea spotted a little feather and walked over and plonked his foot on top of it. I didn't take a huge amount of notice until moments later as we walked along a little feather drifted down from the ceiling in front of my face. Now that one made me take a little bit more notice! With that we left the shopping centre and headed out to the riverfront to get some freshly cooked chips. When we returned to the shopping centre some 20 minutes later a very intriguing sight confronted us! As we walked down the corridor we were amazed to see thousands of little feathers on the floor. WTF!! OK I am taking notice now!! I know there are people who will say "That's rubbish, it's just a coincidence". Maybe, but I still believe it's Mum say "I love you and I'm here with you".

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever had a time when you stepped way out of your comfort zone? Something you really wanted to do but the power of embarrassment or making a fool of yourself held you back. Many a time I have been faced with the opportunity when I could have stepped through the door but the "Cautious Cate" inside me stopped me. Luckily as I have gotten older "Cautious Cate" has not shown up as much in my life. The photos below were one such time when I stepped through the door and didn't worry about what people thought of me. It was while we were travelling along the West Australian coast. We were camping on a cattle station on the coast and I had the thought that if I headed down to the beach very early in the morning, before any foot prints were in the sand and while the tide was out I may just be able to create some art. So I headed down with a steel rake (getting it is another story!) and drew circles in the sand. After about an hour of doodling I had created some huge mandala circles in the sand. I had such a sense of satisfaction. When I turned around to head back to our camp I noticed I had an audience. At first a little bit of embarrassment crept in but then I thought "bugger it" I have had an amazing morning!!! 
When have you stepped through that door? 
Has there been a time when you wished you had? 
Is there anything you would really love to do but your "Cautious Cate" has stopped you?

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 28 Day Challenge

Inspired by the fabulous Cheryl Richardson 
February is the month to take our finger of the hold button and step into  something we really want in our lives. If you keep dreaming about doing something, it might be time to pay attention to those thoughts that keep jumping into our heads. 
Maybe it's something you want to bring into your life. Maybe something to want to get better at. Or maybe something you want removed from your life? Is it a shift you want to make personally or professionally? Is it a dream that you have previously started but for some reason it's been put aside. Maybe it's something a little adventurous that you would like to have a go at. Maybe your looking for something new in your life but are unsure of what it is? Just get out there and give lots of things a try and see which one makes your heart smile. 

Or like me do you have lots of "DREAMS"? My strategy to accomplish something is to pick 3 things and tackle them for my 28 Day Challenge.

Our dreams pop into our head for a reason. Why not listen to them and start acting on them now. Otherwise that's all they will ever be "DREAMS". 
During this 28 Day Challenge it's up to you just how many dreams you tackle, but don't overdo it. Make sure what ever you tackle for the 28 days is doable!! 

Once again the only rules are that you participate and post daily to let us know how your adventure is going. Don't forget your input helps the rest of us get on with our dreams as well. 

I have chosen three things to tackle in my February 28 Day Challenge. 

1.  Do some form of movement each day. 
As I am still trying to get full movement back in my right shoulder I will continue my physio, but this month my body is going to get into some various other movement. 
2.  Do one thing each day from my February ToDo list. 
This year at the beginning of each month I have decided to list down the number of things to do to correspond with the number of days in that particular month e.g February 28 days = 28 things to do. 
So I only have to do one thing per day.
3.  As things come up I am consciously going to focus on what's great and let go 
of what isn't working or what's wrong.