Sunday, January 30, 2011

Extended Families

Friday Nights Family (extended)  BBQ was a very enjoyable night.

My Pregnant Girls - Rachel my daughter and Stacey my son Shanes girlfriend.

My family - Luke, Rachel, Stacey and Shane
There was lots of laughter as the boys tried to stick their bellies out
as their pregnant girls.
Davine, Rachel, Stacey and Paul (my ex)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

City Catch Up

Tonight I ventured into the city to have a drink, meal and catch up with two very dear friends, Kath and Kaye. I worked with both the girls at the Tasmanian Travel Centre for quite a number of years. Kaye now lives in Sydney with her partner Danny and her beautiful little girl Ava. Kath is now married to Paddy and is due to have their first child in April. I have said it before and have to say it again. Aren't friendships great when you don't necessarily see each other a lot but when you do you just slot back into the comfort zone - this is true friendship. Melbourne is a bit of a buzz at the moment with the Australian Tennis Open being held at the moment. Tonight Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic were playing and lots of people were gathered at Federation Square to watch the game on the big screen. It was a beautiful summer night to be in the city and enjoying the sights and sounds of Melbourne.
Crowds sitting at Federation Square watching Tennis on the screen.

Federation Square Screen

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Creative Week

My creative week has gotten off to a good start, but not as I had expected. When I said I was going to do something creative each day, I was intending on making some jewellery or do some other sort of craft. But my Guides have had other ideas. Yesterday I did heaps of clothes mending and alterations, and other varied sewing that had been sitting around for a while. Today I have also been creative in a different form - I have recreated my Dads old bedroom from a store room back to a bedroom.  I have used this room as a dumping room ever since Dad passed away because I just couldn't bring myself to go through the stuff that was being stored in there. But as with going through his clothes last week, the time had now come where I am ready to face the room. Now that it is all emptied, cleaned and looking beautiful I am so happy and feel I have had a very "Creative Day".

Dog Harmony - How long will it last?
Yesterday I captured this cute photo of Bosco and Zoe sharing a bone - strange I know.
That all changed today when they had a bit of a disagreement.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm sitting here watching the final episode of the "Oprah In Australia" shows. Blimey the whole audience have all just been given a diamond necklace from Argyle Mine!!. Now I know I'm an Aussie and I don't want to brag, but jeeez if I didn't live here I would definitely visit Australia it looks absolutely beautiful. Oh now it's the finale and they are singing "I Still Call Australia Home" and this song makes me cry every time I hear it!! Yes I now have tears.
Makes me want to share some of my Aussie photos.

My view of part of the Great Barrier Reef from the air

Bruny Island - Tasmania

Melbourne by Night.
OK now that I have recovered - hi everyone. I have been working at "Homing Instincts" all weekend and even though I really enjoy it I am a bit weary now. Hope you are all having or are enjoying your weekend. I don't have a lot on next week, not working until next Saturday so once again I am giving myself a few challenges for the week. My challenge for Davine is to do something creative each and every day.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ups and Downs

The last couple of days I have been on a bit off an emotional roller coaster. At the beginning of the week I had set myself a task that I knew was not going to be easy but it had to be done and I felt I was now ready for it. My task was to go through all of my dear old Dads things and decide what things I could let go of and what things just had to stay with me. I finished that process yesterday and by last night I felt OK. Then today it was time to get rid of his old bed. This process stirred up more emotions than I thought it would. But now I sit here with my task all completed I am once again OK. I know that no material things are needed because Mum and Dad are with me all the time anyway.

Here are a couple more photos that I took at the "Melbourne Aquarium".
The underside if Stingrays always look like a smiley face to me.
This Octopus was rather large - these guys always freak me out a little.
These Penguins were just hanging out near the nursery - I wonder if they are the Mums or Dads?

This guys came to say hi -  but he was moving to fast for me to get a clear shot.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day in the City

I was just to tired last night to update my blog, but my tiredness was from having a really nice day/evening. Shane & I decided to have a day in the city - I wanted to get some photos developed - for FREE. I get my photos developed from the shop I have bought a couple of cameras from - Camera House. I have always got a really good price from them and as a bonus you get 1000 photos developed free for 12 months. Very worthwhile when you are scrapbooker. After getting my photos and wandering around the shops for a little while we went to the Melbourne Aquarium to see the "Baby Hammerheads". The aquarium itself was really good but the baby hammerheads were a bit disappointing as you couldn't really get a great view of them. Then last night I went out for dinner with two old friends Janine and Vicki ( not old as in age - old as in knowing them for a long time). Isn't it great when you can sit down with girlfriends whom you may not see all that often and still feel right at home and let all the good, the bad and the ugly hang out. Sitting talking to the girls really bought home to me that all of us should really turn to our friends when we need someone to talk to, or just of load to. Also there shouldn't be a day go by that we don't do something, whether it's bit or small for ourselves EVERY day. Today has been a bit quieter, but I have just returned from picking up Rachel (daughter) and Luke from their three week holiday in Malaysia. Boy has her tummy grown in that 3 weeks!
I don't think we stopped talking all the way home - had to make up for the 3 weeks we never spoke.
Looking back at the city along "Old Sandridge Bridge"
The Sandridge Bridge is a historic former railway bridge over the Yarra River in Melbourne,
which was redeveloped in 2006 as a new pedestrian and cycle path featuring public art.
Mr. Murray Cod
Murray cod are large fish, with adult fish regularly reaching 80–100 centimetres (32–39 in) in length in all but the very smallest waterways. Murray cod are capable of growing well over 1 metre (3 ft) in length
and the largest on record was over 1.8 metres (6 ft) and approximately 113 kilograms (250 lb) in weight.

I think this cute little frog is called an "Arrow Frog" and they have extremely poisonous skin.
Mmmmmm not so cute after all.
This prehistoric creature is an Australia Water Dragon
I just love looking at jelly fish - mind you I wouldn't be so interested in them is I was in the water.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Window Shopping

After I have finished my year at the Daylesford B&B "Old Chilli", Shane and I are intending to travel around Australia in a campervan. So as today was such a lovely day we thought we would go and do a bit of window shopping. In an ideal world I would really like to purchase a brand new "Jayco Swan", but if we came along a good second hand one at the right price that would be great, because they aren't cheap. So to help things along I already have a picture of what I want on my "Vision Board" and I figure if I put my intention out there maybe my "Guides", "Angels" and anyone looking after me will help me along.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rain, Holes and Eyes

This week I have spent a few days with my cousin Susan who as most of you will remember has been very sick in hospital. Well she is now home and on her way to recovery. She still has a fair way to go but is a lot better than I thought she would be at this stage. It was so good to spend time with her and have a conversation. On Friday it was Victoria's turn to get heaps of rain and while I was driving back from Traralgon (2 1/2 hours) I was  in the thick of it the whole drive. I must say it wasn't an easy drive as I couldn't see the road for most of the journey.
Not a fun drive!!

When I arrived home all was OK, except Bosco had decided he was going to try and dig to China!!! This photo doesn't show it properly but this hole is about two feet deep!!

Hole to China
I was pretty angry with him until I realized he had a sore eye - oh poor Bosco. So off to the vet we went, got some cream and forked out $90. Mmmm I guess I will be getting that back from his owner - my son Shane - although I won't hold my breath waiting for the money. 
Bosco's Sore Eye

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What is going on in Australia...........?

What is going on in Australia? We have bush fires about 100kms south of Perth in Western Australia and devastating floods in a huge area of Queensland. Is sickens me to read that the bush fires in WA are believed to have been deliberately lit. What possesses someone to light a fire that has the potential to not only damage a persons property but take lives. I know they say that firebugs have a mental condition but I just don't get it.

WA Bushfires -
On the other side of the coin the devastating floods in QLD are an act of nature. I feel so much for the people up there, they have had so many years of unrelenting drought and now it is like all the water is coming down in one fail swoop. It is sad that so many will loose houses and businesses but the real tragedy is that some will and have lost their lives. My heart goes out to all who are suffering not only at the hands of others but also at the hands of nature. Whats going on in Australia............?

QLD Floods - Brisbane Times

Monday, January 10, 2011

Successful Challenge

This week I have joined some online friends in a week long challenge. I love and thrive when a challenge is placed before me. It's like I play a game with myself to complete something in a specific time frame. One of the things I wanted to do was to make myself a shoulder bag in the style of one I saw at the night market last Wednesday night. It has lots of pockets to fit all the essentials us girls need but still small enough for me to hang across my shoulder and still have my hands free. Having been a quilter I certainly have no shortage of fabric, so my challenge for my Monday was to start my new shoulder bag. I am now sitting here satisfied that I have succeeded in my Monday challenge. Not only did I start my bag but I finished it. It is amazing how doing anything creative with my hands I am so amazingly as peace.

My new Shoulder Bag - Front

Back of my shoulder bag.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Road Trip

Today Shane and I ventured out on a lovely "Sunday Road Trip". We didn't have anywhere in particular we wanted to go, we just decided to get in the car and drive. The first place we found ourselves was a small farmers market in Yarra Glen. Shane got his nice hot coffee and we bought the tastiest cherry's I have ever had.

Shane's Coffee
Where to next - we then drove up through Healesville but there were just way to many people. On the road again we drove up through the "Black Spur" which is such a beautiful area to drive through. Two years ago when Victoria went through it's devastating bush fires the "Black Spur" was one of the areas that was hit. The landscape is now quite amazing with the trunks still blackened and the fresh green shoots seemingly just poking out the sides.

"Black Spur"
Lunch was next on the agenda, so we stopped of at the "Black Spur Inn" which is in a small township called Narbethong.

Black Spur Inn
For our return trip home we decided to make our road trip a circle rather than back track. So it was onto Alexandra, then Yea and just before we got back home we stopped of at Sugarloaf Reserve to check how much the water has risen since we were last there. Sugarloaf is a very popular waterway for recreational fishing and the first five minutes we were there a young boy and his Dad caught three Yellow Belly Fish. Sugarloaf is also one of the major water catchments that provide Melbourne with it's water. The last time we went to Sugarloaf Reserve was when we took my dear old Dad there and we sat and ate fish & chips for lunch. I was amazed how much the water had risen I would say probably about 20 metres.

Sugarloaf Fishing

Sugarloaf Reserve
Now back home I am a bit tired but have really enjoyed a great Sunday.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Suzuki Night Market

On Wednesday night Shane & I went to the "Suzuki Night Market" which is held each Wednesday night from November until March on the grounds of Melbourne's famous Queen Victoria Market. This market is a hive of activity consisting of over 150 stalls selling everything from unique clothing to jewellery to original prints. There is a huge range of eclectic choices. This year I have a friend who has a stall selling the most original summer foot accessory I have seen in a while. Kristy sells her original creations "Fancy Feet" and they are comfy and fun to wear.
Kristy's Fancy Feet
The market also has a huge array of international food stalls, ranging from French to Vietnamese and quite a few bars as well. So while sitting, eating and enjoying a nice cold beer you can also listen to music from bands on one of the two stages. For anyone in Melbourne of visiting our fine city between November and March I would certainly recommend a visit to the "Suzuki Night Market".

Mmmmm Paella for dinner.

Yummy cookies & fudge stand

This stand was filled with items made from waste.

Suzuki Night Market

Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010 - Hello 2011

Goodbye 2010 - what did the year hold for you?
As with every year, the twelve months are filled with good, bad, happiness and sadness. I love the celebration of finishing one year and love looking forward to the adventures in the new year. 2010 for me was one of many emotions, it was the year I became an orphan when I lost my beautiful Dad in February. It was also a year that I got a brand new sexy black "RAV4" car, I had a wonderful holiday in "Far North Queensland" spending some time just indulging myself in myself, which was exactly what I needed at that time. I decided to leave my career in travel that I had worked in for 15 years and just do casual work when I wanted to work. I spent some wonderful times with my family and friends. I had a great holiday in Bali with a great bunch of girls. I realized just how much I loved and relied on my cousin Susan when she was very sick and now that she is on the mend, I am even more aware of just how short our lives are. 

2011 - What will the next 12 months hold for us?
 I know my 2011 is going to be a fantastic one as I already have a few things on the horizon. Shane and I have a cruise organised to some of the islands of New Caledonia and Vanuatu in April. In May I start an exciting 12 months looking after friends Bed and Breakfast in Daylesford. Then my very exciting news for the year is that I am going to become a Grandmother!!! Yes a Granny - to two babies - both my children are expecting babies. Rachel and Luke are due in June and Shane and Stacey are due in July.
I am very excited!!!!