Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Today was a day was housework and laundry. Yes even though I am on my Aussie Adventure I still have to do the housework and laundry!!! Although my house to clean isn't very big at all. In the afternoon I was on a mission to get a new handbag as the zipper broke on mine. I am pretty fussy when it come to handbags and my search wasn't looking to promising until the last shop I went into my perfect bag jumped out at me. 

Late afternoon was spent sitting around the pool - very relaxing - and then for dinner we (Shane, Morry, John and Matty and I ) hit Mitchell St. that was really buzzing and ended up at Shenanigans for yummy Garlic Prawns with Rice. 

I am now sitting back in my little home listening to another interview on my iPad from the Hay House World Summit. I have listened to some fantastic interviews with some the eclectic authors and experts, speaking on everything from the spirit world, to diet, to business success. 

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  1. Love the new handbag - ooh la la!

    Have also been enjoying the interviews on Hay House - inspirational people.


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