Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Clutter brings Breathe

How cleansing is the de-cluttering process – amazingly!!! I have spent the last few days totally clearing out every nook and cranny of my office. After filling the paper recycling bin and sorting through all manner of documents I can now walk into the room and breathe. Previously the accumulation of all things not office related made the air in the room stifling. Where do I move onto now – has to be my wardrobe. Living on a dirt road everything tends to get very dusty very quickly and my walk in robe is crying out for a good clean out. So that is my home project for the next few days.

Messy                               Clean

“Davine Time” update: Visited a couple of shops that I have wanted to check out for a while. Wandering aimlessly in shops that interest me e.g. Scrapbooking & Jewellery it so relaxing and just makes me feel really good.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creative Tuesday

Today has been one wonderful creative mega day. I had the pleasure of doing my PMC (Precious Metal Clay) class. The clay consists of finely ground silver with some sort of mysterious ingredients to make it pliable clay. Once moulded to your design it is cured so the moisture dries out and then fired until it reaches the correct temperature. Once it has cooled it is brushed, buffed or whatever and you have a beautiful silver piece. I am so pleased with the four original and one off charms I have made. It is not a cheap option to making silver pieces but just a different way. I always get so amazed with the way I feel after I have had a day of creativity, it’s a great feeling having that high.

“Davine Time” update: Indulging myself in my creativity.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Making Lemonade out of Lemons!

This morning I awoke quite excited about it being the first day of my Silver Clay Jewellery class. I got the train into the city and headed for the classroom at the Centre for Adult Education. The class was due to start at 1.00pm and by 1.25pm there were 10 of us still waiting for the tutor to arrive. After many questions we finally were told that he would not be arriving due to an emergency. We were all told that we would be called with details of what was going on. So with my day shortened considerably I decided to make some lemonade out of my lemons and have a little adventure in the city. As it turned out I ended up have a great day just wandering throughout the streets of Melbourne. As far as the classes go we are doing a full day tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it.

“Davine Time” update: Went for a early morning walk through the beautiful Eltham greenery.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Flower & Garden Show.

The International Flower and Garden Show was held both inside the
Exhibition Building and all through the gardens surrounding it.

Rusted Iron Rose
This imitation rose was huge, it would have been around 4 - 5 feet square.

"Davine Time" update: Today I had my haircut, it was getting really long and starting to drive me crazy. In my past life (15 - 19years old) I was actually a hairdresser, so I am usually pretty picky when it comes to who cuts my hair. I must say I have found the best hairdresser. Hayley is my friend Alices daughter in law and she is very nice. But her best feature when it comes to hair is that she actually cuts it exactly the way I want it. Thanks Hayley.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My 57th Birthday

Hi everyone, I have had a very good couple of days – it seems my birthday this year has gone for four days. I have been to lots of lunches, lots of dinners including one tonight and lots of cards, messages and pressies. Thank you to all my friends and family for making this year so special, I have felt really spoilt. My camera has also been very busy over the last few days so I have quite a few photos to share over the next few days. As I have already mentioned on Thursday I worked at the International Flower & Garden show. Some of the flower displays were amazing, one being the flower covered car. The day prior I was there dropping some stuff of and watched as they superglued flowers (both real and silk) all over the car.

“Davine Time” update: The last few days I have spent a lot of time spoiling myself. This is something we all should do not only on our birthdays.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No Ho-Hums for me.

One sure way of getting over the Ho-Hums is keep busy and hang out with people who are FUN. Well that is exactly what I have done the past two days. I know I have mentioned this before but I am so lucky to have the friends I have. They really are fun and I love them all.

Last night I caught up with some girls I worked with years ago at the Tasmanian Travel Centre. Kaye, Di, Lyn, Kath, Rosa and I get together a few times during the year for dinner, Christmas in July and Christmas in December. There is always so must conversation, laughter and joy at the table I am usually on a high for quite a while afterwards.

Then today I shared lunch with my two “Spirit of Tasmania” girls. Isn’t if funny how sometimes you meet people through work and you just click. Well I definitely feel like I have clicked with Kristy and Emma. I must say in the nicest possible way they are crazy. Not only did they shout me lunch but they also gave me some lovely flowers for my birthday tomorrow.

Tomorrow I am actually working – usually try not to on my birthday but, oh well – at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. It is held in our Royal Exhibition Buildings which are amazing. So I will endeavour to take some photos. I was there yesterday dropping of some flyers and there was lots of stand building going on and lots of people in their bright orange safety jackets. Then I came across this gorgeous little helper in his safety jacket. Oh, he was so cute.

“Davine Time” update: Yesterday and today would have to be spending time with friends.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Painful Shopping

Today I went out to look for a new pair of bathers (swimsuite). Oh my goodness how much of a painful shopping journey can we subject ourselves to. I thought I would get a pair to take to Cairns, I do already have two pair but they are for when I am doing laps. So I thought I would treat myself to a nice pretty pair. "WRONG" By the time I had tried on five pairs I was so depressed that I had decided to just wear the ones I have and keep a T/Shirt on over them. How come body fat is so easy to gain but so so hard to loose. I know I will never ever be skinny but I would just like to get myself to a point where I am comfortable with the body I am in. I do try to be healthy but then the bathers saga pops up and hits you for a sixer. But I guess all we can do is keep trying each day and be happy and have fun with the life we have been given.
Betty Boop
"Coax old unhealthy habits down the stairs one step at a time"

"Davine Time" update: Having a chat with one of my best friends. Isn't it amazing how each of our friends have their own special position in our lives. Jenni and I have been friends for around 45 years and she is my friend that I know I can always get sound, knowledgable answers on almost anything. Thank you Jenni for being who you are.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Good Weekend

This has been a good weekend, I have had more good hours than not. I am feeling a bit more settled in my life, but I still expect some crazy days. The decluttering journey in my office is getting there slowly but surely. I am finding all sorts of stuff; at least I have paid all the bills I have come across. I have also been back on the horse with my creativity – I have made six bracelets. Two of them are orders for a girlfriends (Jenni) shop “Homing Instincts” in Warrandyte. Creating something – anything really inspires me and basically makes me happy. I am also considering upgrading my car to a Toyota RAV4, so Shane and I went to check some out today. The car salesman was really trying his hardest to sell me a car today – can’t blame him it is his job. But I let him know pretty quickly I wasn’t ready to buy just yet – goodness me this is the first time I have even looked. Hope everyone else out there has had a great weekend too.

“Davine Time” update: Having brunch with Shane at “CafĂ© Strada” –
which is where my beautiful daughter works when not at Uni.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Zoe

Today is our beautiful puppy dog Zoe’s 10th birthday.
Even though she does bark a lot she is a lovely little clever dog.

Davine Time” update – We went and hung out at the local pub for dinner,
a couple of drinks and listening to a guy singing really well.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hanging Out

Shane and I had a wonderful day in the city today, as usual I had my camera with me,
so I took full advantage of some great Melbourne sights.

The Public Purse: Situated in Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne the “Public Purse” was created in 1994 by artist Simon Perry. It is made out of Calca red granite and stainless-steel sculpture.

In January 1994, the City of Melbourne called for design submissions for unique and distinctive forms of street seating. Simon Perry's The Public Purse was one of the works selected. In creating The Public Purse, Perry was interested in making an object that would work both conceptually and poetically, while still addressing the context of the site. The Public Purse engages with its environment through its clear reference to the commercial nature of the area. Perry says of this red-granite sculpture that it 'signifies an interaction between the city and citizens, the public and the private'. Looking like nothing less than an oversized dropped purse.

Free Music: This guy had the most amazing guitar I have ever seen, it looks like it has been carved out of a branch. His music was very intriguing with the mix of guitar and didgeridoo.

For lunch we had lunch a place called "Grill'd". It was the best burger and the
crunchiest chips I have ever had.

"Davine Time" update: Spending time with Shane just hanging out.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Angels, Ebay and Ears!!

I have had the best day today – busy but the best. The day started out with an “Angels” morning at beautiful Michelle’s. I must say personally I got so much more out of the morning than just doing a few angel card readings. Between Michelle, Helga and myself we did a lot of talking, that made me so much more aware of where I am in my life now and how I feel both in my heart and my head. It has also become clear to me that even though I am a strong person and have things to do, it is my time to look after Davine’s needs, to pamper myself as I would my best friend. We should all remember that we are our own best friend and owe it to ourselves to love ourselves more than anyone or anything else. Michelle – remember your homework is a hug from Michelle every morning.

Next it was on to Sunbury to pick up a camera/laptop backpack I bought on ebay – I must say I love ebay. The backpack I bought is second hand but looks brand new and heaps cheaper than if I did buy a new one. It will be great to take both my laptop and camera to Cairns. I will be able to update my blog with some tropical photos.
Then it was of to have my hearing tested. Shane keeps remarking that I don’t hear him, but of course I tell him he is mumbling. So today I decided to prove him wrong and yeah I did. My hearing is perfect – so I guess he will just have to stop mumbling.
Now I am exhausted, so it is going to be an early night.

"Davine Update" - Actually doing today.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clutter Be Gone

This morning while doing a little bit of blog surfing I was totally inspired by Michelle at Joy Express with her post on “Hidden Clutter”. I used to be a huge clutter bug; I found it extremely difficult to get rid of anything from my past. Then after watching a program on T.V about clutter I realized that all of the “STUFF” from my past that I was keeping was actually keeping me in my past and not allowing me to move into “MY” future. So with that revelation now clear in my mind I systematically when through all areas of my house and got rid of the stuff that was holding me back. All went really well, but now that I have time to think I realize that over the past few months my home office has become a dumping ground for anything I didn’t know what to do with or didn’t want to deal with. It’s not all physical clutter, it is also things like way too many emails in my inbox that really don’t need to be there. So after reading Joy Express this morning I decided to get stuck into the office clutter. I took a before photo thinking by tonight I would have a before and an after shot – Mmmm I don’t think so. There is way more stuff than I thought – bills that should have been paid – paperwork that should have been filed – stuff that should have been thrown away. So I will continue with the clean out and share it with you when I have completed.

I have also realized that there is also a lot of clutter in my mind and life that I need to clear out but that is a whole post on its own.

“Davine Time” update: Taking a break from my decluttering process and sitting with
one of my very best friends Jenni next to her pool.

Monday, March 15, 2010

People Watching and Sunshine Award

Wow, I received my first award today. Thanks Luize from tillnextwinter, I never ever thought I would get a blog award. It is a great feeling to know that I can bring sunshine to my readers, but the sunshine my readers give to me is one hundred times better.

Shane and I had to go to one of the local shopping centres today, so we decided to have lunch as well. Shanes back has been pretty bad the last week or so we decided to have a seat. While sitting we had a great twenty minutes of people watching. I just love sitting looking at the people passing by, wondering what they do in there lives, are they happy, where are they going, where have they been. It is such a peaceful pastime.

“Davine Time” update: Rachel and I had our Monday night ritual of watching
“Desperate Housewives” once again tonight.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mexican Mmmm.

Last night Rachels birthday dinner was just what I needed and I think Rachel needed. The Mexican Restaurant “Fiesta” we went to was the best Mexican food. The waitress heard Luke mention it was Rachels birthday, so they decided to give her a “bucket” of Marguerita, luckily with 4 straws. It was so strong I was glad I had driven and I could only have two little sips, but the other three enjoyed it. The night was a perfect night and the only thing that could have made it even better was if my son, Rachels brother Shane could have been there too. But right on time he called Rachel to wish her a “Happy Birthday” and it was like the three of us were together again.
Not sure if I have mentioned this but I have booked a flight to Cairns to stay with Shane and Stacey. I am going on my own; just to spend some time working on my feelings, life and the loss of my Dad. This grieving process is sometimes hard to deal with. It’s amazing how one day you feel really good, almost normal. But then the next day all I want to do is sit and do absolutely nothing but cry. I know it was time for my Dad to go and he and my Mum lived wonderful long lives, but I am just sad and lonely.

“Davine Time” update: Today I actually finished some UFO sewing I have meaning to do for a while. It wasn’t anything exciting just this that had to be done and now they are done.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Rachel

This day 28 years ago I gave birthday to my baby girl – Rachel Maree. I was only in labour for 2 hours with Rachel and she was born extremely fast. Her father and I always said she came out fast and her whole personality has been past ever since. Unlike her brother Shane who is 19 months older Rachel was a child that wanted your attention all the time, but that was OK, she could have it cause she was and is my baby girl. She has always been a bit of a dag but is one of the most loving people I could ever wish for in a daughter. I can confidently say we are not only Mother and Daughter but we are best friends. So this in my Happy Birthday wish to Rachel – Thank You Rach for being the best daughter anyone could wish for and for being my Bestest Friend. LUVUMUM

“Davine Time” update – hasn’t happened yet but it is going out for a Mexican Dinner with Rachel, Luke, Shane and myself for Rachels 28th.


This is actually my belated post for Friday. I was having to much fun last night to even turn on my computer. Yesterday was a day of pottering around the house - actually trying to clean and dry all the camping stuff we took last weekend. But last night a group of friends, Alice, Melissa, Wanda, Robyn and myself got together at my house to celebrate a belated birthday for Sylda. The reason it was belated was because Sylda was actually supposed to be in the Faulkland Isands at the moment - but she isn't. She was supposed to have been going through Chili, but as we know Chili was stuck by a tragic earthquake. So poor Sylda has had to postpone her trip until October. The reason we had the gathering at my house was because Sylda loves ice hockey and I had taped the great Winter Olympic final betwen USA and Canada. So tonight was the night to watch it. It is so nice to spend time with girlfriends and have a few drinks, lots of talking and lots of laughs.

"Davine Time" update - spending time with friends.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Travel Dreams

Every year at this time the Caravan and Camping Show is held in Melbourne and every year Shane and I go along and dream about our goal of travelling around Australia in a camper trailer. Every year we look at different types of campers and usually leave loving a new model. We usually buy ourselves some small goody that helps us feeling we are closer to our dream. So once again today we went on our little adventure, but this year we felt a little closer to the dream, we even now know which camper we would like and even got to the point of asking the salesman some techie questions. Our travel dream may not actually take place for a while yet, but as a dear friend has told me for years “There is nothing wrong with planning”. So with the planning in mind I have kept a travel dream file for a number of years now. Every time I read something about somewhere I really want to see and experience I cut it out and in the folder it goes. It is sad that to think for me to get closer to one of my dreams my Dad has had to pass, but I know my Dad and my Mum would want me to follow my dreams and goals with the passion that they have bought me up to have.

“Davine Time” update: Sitting in the camper trailer that I will buy and dreaming of the places it will take me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Angel Lunch

I spent a lovely few hours today at an Angel lunch that lovely Michelle of Joy Express had organised. It was so nice to spend the time with eight other like minded women yet the enjoyment also came from us all being so different. We all had an Angel Card reading and mine was very appropriate for my life at the moment. I have been confused and have many questions of which direction I would like my life to take. Some of these questions were answered. My real joy at lunch today was to catch up with Michelle. As most of you know my Dad passed away just over two weeks ago. Well Michelle’s Dad passed away a few weeks prior to that. We hadn’t seen each other until today. Our greeting to each other was with a hug and really no words were needed we just both knew what we both needed and how we both felt. Although it is not nice for anyone to loose a parent but on a personal note it was comforting to have Michelle in the same space as me.

We both had the same question. Why is the grieving process so difficult to deal with? How come one hour you feel OK and then the next hour you are in tears then the next hour you go back to being a bit numb? Well I certainly don’t know the answer, I am just experiencing it. I know this will all take time and I do have plenty of that. But it still doesn’t make it any easier.

"Davine Time" update: Today it was certainly going to the Angel Lunch.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wet Weekend - Fun Weekend

Hi everyone, no I haven’t fallen of the earth. Here in Melbourne we had a long weekend this past weekend and I went of to Torquay for a bit of camping. We had a great weekend although !!!!!slightly!!!!! damp. Luckily we didn’t get the weather most of Melbourne got, with hail stones the size of golf balls and the most rain in 100 years. But as I wasn’t in the rest of Melbourne I was consumed by the weather we had. We arrived on Friday afternoon and as soon as we had the tent put up the heavens opened up and it poured solidly for over two hours. We had our own little waterfall flowing underneath our tent. I thought I would take a shot of my feet having a mud bath at the front of the tent. This is literally one step from stepping into the tent. Saturday the rain held of and we did a bit of sightseeing, visited a market and did a bit of socialising. Sunday was also a pretty good day, the rain held of while we checked out another market and a couple of beautiful beaches. Sunday evening we decided to visit the Torquay Surf Lifesaving Club again. We had been there a few hours, having a few social drinks when all of a sudden the skies opened up and there was lots of thunder and lightening. Of course we hadn’t taken our jackets or any umbrellas!!! So Shane (the guy behind the bar) came up with the idea of giving us all a big black plastic garbage bag each to use as a raincoat. It was so so funny; Louise (a very good friend) and I thought we may have to make a dash to the bathroom we were laughing so much. We eventually got back to the tent and the garbage bags were a success, we didn’t get completely drenched. It rained most of Sunday night so we had a bit of a waterfall happening again but that was OK. But at about 4.00am the lightening and thunder started again. Normally they wouldn’t bother me but it was a bit scary in a tent. Since getting home we have been busy washing the mud out of everything we took. Overall we had a great weekend, I think the rain, thunder, and lightening and mud even made it more fun.
"Davine Time" update - Sitting reading -
laughing -
 going for a walk -
thinking of woderful moments I had with my Dad.  

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Decisions Decisions

Today the last of our visitors has gone. Shanes Dad Jack stayed with us for the week after my Dads funeral. He knew my Dad well and was very torn up that Dad had gone. Now Shane and I are sitting here with the realization that this is first time in our 15 or so years together that we are now the only two living in this house. OMG we may actually have to have a conversation!! Only kidding, but it is a bit weird not having any other noise in the house – except for Zoe’s barking that is. With my Dad gone I now have a lot of time for me and also a lot of time to think. It is a bit scary really, to actually only be responsible for myself. Sometimes it was easy to say no to something or to put of doing something because I had other responsibilities. Decisions decisions???? What road will my life take now – do I stay working with the company I am with or do I look for something else or do I concentrate on my jewelry business? Do I stay living in this house or do I move somewhere smaller? I know I should take my time as all my emotions are still raw, but me being me I want answers NOW. I have always been a list person but over the last month I have drawn up some serious long lists, mainly because my brain couldn’t cope with too much, but now it is time to start working through those lists. Yesterday I started and booked into a couple of classes I have wanted to do for a while. Also this weekend is a long weekend here in Victoria and Shane and I are heading to Torquay (camping at the beach) with a few other couples. I have arranged with a girlfriend to house and Zoe sit, so we don't have to worry about the dog starving to death. I am really looking forward to getting away, but I still occasionally get a pang of guilt – silly I know but can’t help it. I am going to take my laptop and try to update my blog while I am down there. It’s supposed to rain, but I don’t care this is the first weekend I have had away since October and I will just sit in the tent if I have to.

“Davine Time” update – As I mentioned above I have booked into a couple of classes I have wanted to do for a while. “Introduction to Mosaics”, “Setting Up Your Small Business” and “Making Jewelry with Silver Art Clay”.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Me & Me Dog - Oh to be walking along a beach in Queensland with Shane and mitch.

This morning I had a visit with my lovely Dr. Alicia. She is so nice and caring, I can usually count on a cuddle. During our conversation this morning I happened to mentioned that I write a blog. She was so happy with me, saying that this is a fabulous way to help me with my grieving and wonderful therapy. One comment she made, which I totally agree with was that the comments that people leave me is also helping me get on with my life. She also said that I am probably also helping my readers as well – I hope this is also true. She thought my “Davine Time” was a great idea to make sure I didn’t forget myself and that is exactly why I started it. Another hint she gave me was a way to help me with my health and weight. I have had difficulty with my weight for a number of years and have tried many many diets. So I thought maybe I will do a little monthly update on that front as well. Don’t worry I am not going to bore you all to tears with me going on about weight and food, because that would drive me crazy as well. I might just do an update once a week.

“Davine Time” – Went for a drive with Shane and his Dad (Jack) to the waterfront. We had a lovely afternoon.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Team Canada vs Team USA

Oh what a great game the ice hockey final was. When USA got the drawn goal with 24 seconds to go I couldn't believe it. It was my ideal final with USA and Canada being by far my favorite teams but I do have a soft spot for Canada. I did feel sorry for the USA players they all looked so sad. But someone has to come second. Oh I wish I could sit in the crowd and watch another high level ice hockey game.

"Davine Time" - Wonderful hour and a half of meditation study and practical.