Monday, March 30, 2009

"I Think I Am Addicted"

Anyone who really knows me will know that I am a bit allergic to exercise - especially running!! But I think I have actually found something I really like. As I mentioned in my last post I did some laps of the pool - it was four to be exact - I have never swam 4 lengths of a pool in all of my adult life. I really enjoyed it so on Thursday I headed down there again and to my surprise I did eight laps. I was so very proud of myself and again I had a great day. I have made a deal with myself not to do any form of exercise over the weekend and if I have a craving for some form of "not so good for you food" the weekend is when I have it. So this morning I was really looking forward to getting down to the pool. That in itself is very strange, that I actually look forward to doing exercise. Well guess what, I swam eleven yes that says 11 laps - WOW - how happy am I, and I LOVE it. It's also amazing how I have a really productive and enjoyable day after my little bit of movement. Now some of you out there will be saying - hey 11 laps really isn't that much - but believe me it is a huge accomplishment for me.
I wonder how I will go tomorrow?
P.S Good Luck Suzie for tomorrow (not that you need it).

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  1. Woo Hoo! Awesome discovery, Davine. Your Inner Goddess is shining. :)


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