Friday, March 13, 2009

"13 March 1982 "

27 years ago today at 2.09pm I gave birth to my beautiful daughter Rachel. At the time I told myself that I really didn't mind if I had a girl or a boy, but as soon as she was born I realised I really did want a girl (already had a boy - Shane 18 months earlier). I was only in labour for 2 hours as Rachel really wanted to be in this world. We have always said she came out fast and has been fast ever since, she has always been our little hurricane. Now that she is an adult, I must say she is not only still my baby girl but my best friend. We spent the day shopping and eating today. Last week we had our nails done - how pretty do our feet look!! Now she is of to see the band "Kings of Leon" tonight. We both just love birthdays - especially our own.

Not to stray away from tradition - once Rachel has had her birthday we concentrate on mine. I am turning 56 on March 25th. So as of tomorrow I will mention it once or twice to anyone who is within earshot. Tonight I am of to see Brian Cadd and Russell Morris with a couple of friends. Thank Mos for the tickets. Should be a fun night.

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