Monday, March 22, 2010

Painful Shopping

Today I went out to look for a new pair of bathers (swimsuite). Oh my goodness how much of a painful shopping journey can we subject ourselves to. I thought I would get a pair to take to Cairns, I do already have two pair but they are for when I am doing laps. So I thought I would treat myself to a nice pretty pair. "WRONG" By the time I had tried on five pairs I was so depressed that I had decided to just wear the ones I have and keep a T/Shirt on over them. How come body fat is so easy to gain but so so hard to loose. I know I will never ever be skinny but I would just like to get myself to a point where I am comfortable with the body I am in. I do try to be healthy but then the bathers saga pops up and hits you for a sixer. But I guess all we can do is keep trying each day and be happy and have fun with the life we have been given.
Betty Boop
"Coax old unhealthy habits down the stairs one step at a time"

"Davine Time" update: Having a chat with one of my best friends. Isn't it amazing how each of our friends have their own special position in our lives. Jenni and I have been friends for around 45 years and she is my friend that I know I can always get sound, knowledgable answers on almost anything. Thank you Jenni for being who you are.


  1. Interesting how you call them a "pair " of bathers. Were you looking for two bathing suits or are they called a pair of bathers? In Canada, we would just call it a swim suit or a bathing suit. We would also cringe when trying them on.....

  2. Hi Davine! Oh I hear your pain! Just went thru this myself in preparation for our trip to the Caribbean coming up in 2 wks. I'm not overweight but man oh man, the skin isn't "right" anymore - I call it elephant skin - way beyond wrinkles! ha! At a certain age I think it would be kinder to not have mirrors in the dressing rooms! If it "feels" ok, buy it! haha! I concentrated far more on a beach cover-up than the bathing suit!
    Your partner in pain,

  3. Ladies, your observations about 'bathers' are just wonderful! Thank you for the giggle! Davine, I just think that designers and manufacturers haven't quite got their ideas around "Goddess" swim suits, yet. LOL. Those of us with 'image' challenges are due some Respect. Rock On, Goddess! Be Who You Are ~ swimsuits not compulsory.

  4. Davine, Fully sympathise! I've added to my weight this pass year following a major operation. Because, although slight weight gain since, body shape changed aswell. Tried on a favourite pair of trousers at weekend, but alas, these just didn't fit.
    You take care

  5. Hi Davine - my best friend at the beach these days is any swimsuit from Target that has lots of ruched fabric on it AND a fabulous gorgeous pretty rectangle of fabric - for round the waist, round the hips, etc, tied in a knot and looking absolutely divine - see through, favourite colour, hippy style, whatever - Myer and Target have good collections usually! Good luck...

  6. Davine, swim naked! :-) Hugs sent your way!

  7. I've been wearing T-shirts at the beach and in the water for years and I'm a guy. I carry a six-pack everywhere I go.
    I've noticed years ago how swim suits are a huge obstacle for women. Blame the SI swim suit edition.
    You might like this post I found about this:

    Also - nice blog and pop over to mine sometime.

  8. The way I cope with that issue, is to convince myself that it has absolutely nothing to do with appearances and everything to do with health and how long I want to stay active.

    Seems to work for me ...

  9. I know what you mean!! I usually wear a tshirt over mine too!!


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