Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Rain Rain Beautiful Rain"

How nice is the rain we have had. I know people living in parts of Queensland may not agree with me, but it is nice. My trees and plants (that haven't died) are almost smiling. My favorite trees are "Silver Birch" and I have eight in my small garden. As a result of the 40plus days we had all of the leaves were terribly burnt. But on my Wednesday watering morning I would get out there and give them a drink and tell them all was going to be OK. Yes, I know Suzie I am strange. But low and behold "Mother Nature" has come through and they all have lovely green leaves. Only thing is, they are going to be really confused cause it's now Autumn and they are supposed to loose all of their leaves.
Mmmmm Confused Silver Birch's.
I had to visit the post office today and while I was there we got quite a big down poor. All of a sudden the 15 or so people in the shop all looked out the door and smiled at the rain. The moment was almost in slow motion with people really appreciating the beauty of rain.
Here's hoping we get lots more.

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