Monday, March 2, 2009

"My Weekend"

What a weekend I have just had the range of things I did was huge. Saturday I had lunch with people I worked with 27 years ago at the Motor Registration Branch (now RTA). We had a really nice time at Stuzzi Cafe in Northcote with lots and lots and lots of chatter. It's amazing how with all of our life experiences we all have changed but basically we are still all the same people.

Then Saturday night I had a night of mystery out with Melissa, Robyn & Alice. Melissa had organised everything and not told us what we were doing. First we went out for dinner to a restaurant called "Melissa's", food was quite nice. Then we headed into the city to "HULKA MANIA", yes it is as sounds it was a Male Strip Night. Now if I was 25 I may have been really excited about the proposition of watching guys get their gear of, but at 55 I have been there and done that. Plus as my son is 28 I have always made the deal with myself of not perving on guys that are younger than my boy and they would all have been younger than him. I sort of feel like I am doing something illegal. After all the naked body excitement we headed to the Clifton Hotel for some more drinking, dancing and listening to a pretty good band. Let me just say I am getting to old to stay up until 2.30am. I was a little delicate on Sunday morning, but I know one of the girls (I won't say who) was broken not just delicate.

Then Sunday afternoon I went to Paul (my ex) and Betty's house for lunch. Yes that is right my ex's house. I can hear you asking WHY!! Because our son Shane was down from QLD, it was a chance for us both to spend time with him and our daughter Rachel. We do really get on OK, life is to short not to. It was quite a nice afternoon, Betty and I had fun pointing Pauls faults out to him. Now to today, I had the pleasure of going to the dentist. I must say I really really don't like dentists. So after all my fun and games over the past 3 days I put myself to bed this afternoon and had a nana nap. The rest of my week is pretty busy with work so that should keep me out of trouble.

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