Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"FUFOY, Angels and IT Issues"

I have had a couple of days with IT issues - I think they are now finally resolved.
One good thing came out of it I have learnt what not to do
and what I can still have a go at.
Firstly I must congratulate Susan on getting the job she wanted -
as I told you Suzie I knew you would.

This fabulous book was one of the many birthday presents Rachel gave me. It is 365 Daily Guidance entries from your Angels. It's nice to read a page each morning. She must really know me as I was actually trying to find it for myself.

I have also have a little bit of success in my FUFOY quest. Early in the week I finished my two tiny mermaids. Then on Thursday Mel and I got together to get some scrapbooking done and I actually finished 3 pages. It really does give you such a good feeling when you accomplish something that has been hanging around for ages.
Lap Counter - 16 (WOW)

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  1. Davine, what a great book! Can you bring it to Angel Gathering so I can have a closer look, please? Thanks!


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