Thursday, February 5, 2009

"Picture Framing Fun"

Last night I went to the first night of a "Picture Framing Class". It only goes for 3 nights and then after I finish I can go to the shop and do any framing I have and just pay for what I use. Should come in handy as I have many many many photos, cross stitch, prints, paintings and 1 Signed AFL (Rachels) and 1 Signed Rugby (Shanes) jumper to mount and frame. I have wanted to do a course like this for about 10 years, but to my usual form I have put it off and put it off. Not now - life is to short to just keep putting off things that we really want to do. Last night I made a matt for a beautiful etching that was bought in Venice about 18 years ago. (Told you I put things off!!!) I get to frame it on the last night of the course, so I will share my photo then. Being creative gives me such a high. I think that is another reason I have decided to write a blog, it makes me accountable to finish all of my UFO's.

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