Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Photography Made Easy"

As well as my "Picture Framing Course" I have always wanted to do a one on one class with a photographer to try and improve my skills. Yesterday morning I had the chance to do one with Martin from "Photography Made Easy". It just so happened I was the only one doing the class so I had this amazing teacher/photographer to myself. I learnt so much about things I just didn't quite have a handle on and I also got a great history lesson of Melbourne. It was amazing I have lived in Melbourne all my life and there were things I had no knowledge of at all. It just shows we can always learn something from someone. I believe that is why certain people are put in our life path. Either we are to learn something from them or visa versa. So we really need to make the most of everyone we meet, we have obviously crossed paths for a reason. These photos are two of the shots I took, I am really pleased with them. Now I just want to get out there and take photos of everything so I can put into practice what I have been taught. Tonight I am of to my 2nd framing class, I am so looking forward to it.
Todays Ouote - "Creative Clutter Is Better Than Idle Neatness"


  1. I think they are lovely photos, you are a very clever person but a little strange. Keep on bloggin

  2. Hi Davine - welcome to the land of blogging - I have to tell you I know a few people who have done Martin's photography lesson and they all rave about it - and yes, it is on my list of things to do one day!!! Hopefully soon.
    Love your photos.
    Jenny x


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