Monday, February 9, 2009

"We Can Help and Also Feel Good"

Today I was going to write about some of my craft activities but with the terrible bushfires around I just have to share with you all an email I have sent to all in my address book.

Hi all, Some of you know me and some of you don't, but this is an email I really really want you to read. If you act upon it, you will not only help someone, you will also feel really GOOD. I can promise that. With the terrible Bushfires in Victoria I fell compelled to ask everyone I know to try and find it in their heart and donate some money to the Victorian Bushfire Fund. I have just done a run around from each person in my family and donated it onto the website. Bless my dear old 90 year old Dad, he has donated $90.00. You can donate money on the Red Cross website or call 1800 811 700. We all get so many of those crappy emails with messages such as "if you fill out these details and send it to 10 people you will get your wish" or something too that effect. We all know they are just crap and they will never work in a million years. But we still answer them just in case. WHY!! Maybe now it is time we actually do something that does work. I know there are a lot of tragic things that happen in the world, but this has really affected me. Maybe it is because I know people who have been affected, or maybe because I used to live in Whittlesea and it has bought it closer to my heart. Maybe its not such a bad idea that every time we get a crap email, we delete it and go and do something for someone. Even if it is just to donate a piece of clothing we don't use anymore, or just put the spare change in our pocket into a money box and to take to a charity. I think in these really hard times for people, those of us who can help should, don't you? As well as donating I would plead with you to send this email onto everyone in your address book, on your face book list, your my space list, your blog anywhere we can get the word out to HELP someone. Thank you for listening to me and may you receive everything you wish for.
"Those who makes Excuses, make nothing else" Love to all Davine

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