Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Angel Tuesday

Well here I am writing my first blog post. This morning I went to my 1st "Angels Tuesday" for 2009. What a wonderful morning I spent with Michelle, Jenny, Marisa, Betty, Sylda and Karin. I am not sure what was going on with my energies but even though I had a very relaxing time I came away with a thumping headache and sore tense shoulder. One of the revelations that did come out of the morning was "Why do I want to write a blog". I knew I wanted to start writing but wasn't sure why, but now I know. My household now consists of Shane, my partner who is a very quiet person, Keith my 90 year old Dad, who is also very quiet, my dog Zoe, cat Caspa and six fish and none of them say much either. As for me I am a bit of a talker and I have realised that this is a way I can get out what I want to say without walking around the house talking to myself. I am not sure if I am writing this blog for anyone else or just me. But anyone who does drop by, welcome to my life and I would love to hear from you.


  1. I love your blog already. You are very inspirational Davine and I look forward to learning more and more about you and myself from your blog.

    Congratulations! Very modern of you.

    Di xox

  2. Dave, you are awesome. Mum and I are looking forward in anticipation to hear what you have to say. You Go GIRLLLL!!!!!!


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