Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yahoo I'm back on line

Yes I know I haven't written anything for a week and what a week it's been. I have had I.T issues (not completely solved), Family Issues (sort of solved), personal issues (working on them now).
With all the above issues I have also had a pretty good week as well.
Last Wednesday night I had my last "Picture Framing Class".
This photo is of my finished project. The subject is an etching of
Venice by the Venetian Lithograph Artist Ugo Baracco. It actually
looks so much better in real life. I had so much fun doing the
course and I am very very proud of myself. I am now preparing
to frame some more prints and paintings I have. It is cool that I
can now just go back to the studio and do my framing and only
pay for the board and wood I actually use.
On Friday night I picked up my gorgeous son Shane from the airport. He is in Melbourne for a weeks conference and on Saturday night we had a catchup BBQ. We ate, drank and played darts. Guess who won the last game of darts - ME!!!. I cannot play for nuts, maybe it had something to do with the alcohol my opponents had consumed???
It was so nice to spend the night with both of my kids, as Shane lives in Mission Beach in
Far North Queensland Rachel and I don' get to see him much.

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