Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Pull My Finger Out"

With all the sadness with the bushfires about this past week I have not felt motivated to do any much at all. It is weird I have sort of felt guilty that I can be happy and some people cannot. But last night I decided that I just have to "Pull My Finger Out". So I pampered myself in a "Bubble Bath", did my nails and told myself "Self if you don't look after your own life how can you help anyone else". Don't worry Rachel & Susie I haven't got to the point where I answer myself yet. So this week is going to be a good one for all, not just me.
"The Power Of Positive Thinking".
I am not going to dwell on the tragic events. But one thing I must say is how AMAZING are Australians. We as a nation have done so much to help our fellow Aussies, we can really be proud to be Australian.

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