Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Soul Coaching Medicine Wheel

As I still have my right arm in a sling and still not allowed to move it at all for another week, I have been a little limited in what I can do. But I have still have had a few highlights and accomplishments. Sunday was a great day spent with like minded girls at Michelle's of Joy Express doing our Soul Coaching Medicine Wheels for the next 12 months. This is my 6th year of following my Medicine Wheel journey and each May I look forward to seeing what the universe has install for me. My theme for the next year is Courage, with a side message of Seek an Expert. What does all that mean? I interpret it as the universe telling me to "Step up, take a risk and if needed don't be afraid to ask for advice or help".

My Year of Courage
Another little success I have had is doing my first (and maybe last!) left hand Zentangle. It did take a while, and my left hand ache a bit, but it was a goal and I accomplished it.

My left handed Zentangle
Today Rachel even trusted this one armed Gaga to look after the babies
(with the help of Shane of course).

Our little princess Clare gave us a concert.

Mikayla looooooves spaghetti
We did go out for lunch one day and I really felt like steak with mushroom sauce and chippies. Thank goodness I had help with cutting up my steak!!
Yummy Steak

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