Friday, May 2, 2014

The Joy of Family

Here we are back in Melbourne at the Crystal Brook Holiday Park. This area of Melbourne is a very pretty green area and the holiday park is no different. I don't think I will mind staying here until I actually get back into my house. It was so nice to see my gorgeous daughter Rachel and today I had the pleasure of babysitting my two beautiful grand daughters, Clare and Mikayla.


 Hopefully in a week or so I will take a trip to visit my son, Shane and my two beautiful grandsons, O'Shea and Finn.
Shane, O'Shea and Finn
Now that my Aussie Adventure Part 1 has come to an end I have to start thinking of what I will write about on my blog. Hopefully I can keep it interesting enough for you to keep following me and enjoying what I am writing about. Part 2 will happen but not until I have my shoulder operation.

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