Friday, May 16, 2014

My Left Handed World

Well I have had my shoulder operation, the good thing was I only had one night in hospital. The shoulder procedure I have had done was the removal of two pieces of bone and a torn tendon repaired. Apparantely it turned out to be a bigger operation than expected and I'm not aloud to move my right shoulder at all for 3 weeks and then just limited movement for another 3 weeks. I must say the pain I am feeling is the worst I have ever felt. Needless to say the heavy duty drugs I'm on are kept close by.

I'm not sure how many photo's I'll be taking in the next month or so I may have to really look outside the box!!! Today I will share my "Photo a Day" shots.
Day 15 - From where I walk - I won't be walking far from my slippies for the next few weeks!
Mmmmm Comfy!
 Day 16 - Create.... This cross stitch is the creation I am working on at the moment,
 guess it will have to wait a while.
I will get back to it when I can use my right arm again!

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