Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WooHoo I'm Home

After 36,333 kilometres and the most amazing 13 months of my life, I am finally home in my house. Although not sure just how long for, because I can hear the rest of Australia calling me. Now don't get me wrong the bed in Myrtle was very comfy but it was so nice to sleep on my luscious Pillow Top Queen Bed last night. Even with my arm still in a sling and not being able to move to much during the night it was like sleeping on a cloud. The storage unit that I have stored stuff in over the past 12 months is a now about 1/2 empty. Problem is with only one arm I can't really put everything away as it comes in the door. Needless to say my house is looking like a bomb has gone off. But everything will find a home eventually when I have two arms again.
It will be gone eventually!
 Today is 3 weeks since my shoulder operation, and after 3 weeks of not being allowed to move my arm at all it was pretty good to start physio. Even though my physio is very light it does give me some time during the day without a sling on. 

My exercise regime

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