Sunday, May 18, 2014

Goodbye Zoe :( :(

Today has turned out to be a very sad day. Today we said good bye to our beautiful little dog Zoe. Zoe was mixture between a Toy Poodle and an Australian Silkie Terrier and for such a little dog she could be very noisy. She was pretty highly strung and didn't travel well in the car at all. That is why we didn't take her with us on our 12 month Aussie Adventure,but I knew she was going to be well looked after by my daughter Rachel. All her adult life she has had seizures, they were only occasional and not bad enough for the vet to need to medicate her. But in the early hours of this morning she had the biggest and her final seizure. After getting Rachel's phone call saying this seizure wasn't stopping we took her to the Emergency Vet Surgery. The vet advised that her brain function had ceased and due to her extremely high temperature her organs would start to shut down. Before she could finish talking about having her put to sleep, little Zoe made the decision herself and her sweet little heart stopped beating. Goodbye our beautiful little Zoe, thanks for bringing so much joy to our lives for over 14 years.
I think I may be the reason Zoe had a shoe fetish!

When we first got her she was covered in fleas!

She was definitely the boss of our house!

Goodbye beautiful Zoe xxxxx

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