Saturday, September 7, 2013

Barn Hill to 80 Mile Beach

WoooHoooo I am finally in a location where I not only have
Internet reception but mobile phone service as well.
We arrived in Port Hedland today to check it out and to restock our supplies,
before heading of into some remote areas again.
So thought I'd take this oportunity to do a bit of catch up.
Barn Hill to 80 Mile Beach

We had been told by quite a few travellers to stay at 80 Mile Beach and that the beach also had lots of shells. So me loving shells we had to go there. After once again heading south down the Great Northern Highway and onto another 10 kms of dirt road (wasn't to bad at all) we arrived at 80 Mile Beach Caravan Park. We booked in for 4 nights but knew we would probably end up staying a week, which we did. The caravan park once again had a lot of campers that have been staying there for many years and stay for quite a few months at a time. But there were also a lot of travellers like us that arrive get our fix for a week or so and then head off to our next destination. It was quite a good caravan park with nice clean amenities, a shop that had a weekly delivery of food essentials you might need. Wednesday night was Hamburger Night and then on Sunday night it was usually Roast Night but our Sunday night was a choice of either Lasagna or Quiche. Also on Wednesdays and Sunday afternoons they had a market with a band playing. Donations all went to the Royal Flying Doctors Service. I had a stall with my jewellery on both days - Wednesday was pretty profitable but Sunday was pretty slow, but it was fun and that's the main thing. Now to the beach, well it was something else. As you would think being the 80 Mile Beach it was very long with tides that went out a very long way. Then there were the shells, oh my goodness there were millions upon millions of them. From some of the ones the  long timers had around there vans you must have been able to get some really big and unusual ones in the past. But I still got some really nice ones (maybe a few more than I should have seeing I now have to cart them around Australia. When I eventually get home I think I may have to hide them from my daughter Rachel, not because she likes them, because she tells me I don't need any more stuff around the house.  But I intend to make some wind chimes for my grand children and some special people in my life. We did a bit of surf fishing but had no luck until our second last day when we caught three Blue Threadfin (Tally - Shane 2 / Davine 1). One day we went for a drive down along  the beach - yep on the sand- for about 6kms. The seclusion, blue water and white sand was just beautiful.
Shells upon Shells upon Shells !!

Early Morning on 80 mile Beach

Birds take flight on beach

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