Monday, September 9, 2013

80 Mile Beach to Pardoo Station

We arrived at Pardoo Station on the hottest day we have had so far. Putting the camper up in near 40c temperatures nearly killed us both. As soon as Myrtle was up we both took ourselves off to the pool to cool off. All I can say is Thank God there was a pool there. Pardoo Station measures 500,000 acres / 199,000 hectares in size and is a cattle station, running mainly Santa Gertrudis cattle. There are approx. 6,000 cattle on the station at this present time. Pardoo has a substantial water supply with the Canning Artesian Basin situated below the lease. The properties bore is situated 90 metres deep and is consistently supplied to Pardoo Homestead and Gardens. Even though Pardoo is situated on the coastline it is a good 10 min drive to the water. You can drive to Pardoo Creek which is about 5 mins away. I suppose you could swim here but I wouldn't. To close to crocodile country for my liking. plus apparently Bull Sharks come up the river as well - no thank you very much! Our second morning there we headed out early to the so called creek (more like a river to me) to do some fishing. We caught quite a few fish - Catfish, Mullaway, all to small to keep. Shane even hooked a turtle, luckily he got off and swam away. After sitting around our camp sweltering once again in about 40c it was time to head back to the pool.
Our last day at Pardoo was once again a hot one, so again we got up early to head down to the river for a fish. I must be getting the hang of this fishing as I actually enjoyed this stint and I even sat with my feet in the lapping water as the tide came in fairly quickly. The days fishing tally was a bit more impressive with Shane catching one Cod and one Mullaway. Much to my delight and total amazement I caught four catfish and four mullaway. But unfortunately they were all undersized :(  But luckily for us a couple came back in their tinny (boat) and had caught over the quota allowed and gave us two beautiful sized Threadfin Salmon. So it was fish for dinner that night. After dinner we were sitting around the camp fire when all of a sudden this most amazing fog rolled over the camp. It was so fast you could literally see it rolling in. It was very eerie but pretty impressive.

And the fog started to roll in!
and in......!!

Mmmmmm Dinner

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