Monday, September 9, 2013

Pardoo Station to De Grey Roadside Stop

Way back in Alice Springs DeGrey roadside stop had been recommended to us to stay at, so we thought why not check it out. If we didn't like it when we got there it wasn't to much further onto Port Hedland. As we drove in we were both a little disillusioned as it seemed to just be like a car park on the side of the highway with two toilet blocks. Then I noticed a car drive down this dirt track, so off we went to check it out. Oh I am so glad we did! There were quite a few vans already set up along the banks of the DeGrey river. We found ourselves a nice shady grass spot on the banks of the river. Once again it was very hot setting Myrtle up and the water looked very enticing but there were signs saying crocodile had been seen in the area, so I wasn't going to chance it even if they were only fresh water crocs. We ended up staying two nights, met some lovely people and totally enjoyed the seclusion and quietness. While we were there some of the other campers were talking about a wild pig that was ripping open all the garbage bags and generally being a nuisance. Then on the news tonight we saw the news report about a beer drinking feral pig stealing beers in DeGrey Roadside stop. You have to read the article it is hilarious.

Our DeGrey campsite - luckily the feral pig didn't visit us!

Sunset our DeGrey River


  1. LOL drunken pigs... now that's a good one! Beautiful sunset!

    1. I agree Darlene, luckily he didn't bother us.


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