Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Darwin Part 1

Our 1st day in Darwin was nice and lazy, it is so nice to know we don't have to do or drive anywhere. So we hung around the camp for a while then drive into the CBD and wandered around. We went into a bar - Darwin Hotel - just to cool off and have a beer and when I went to the loo I saw something I have never seen before. On the wall and for $1 you could use a hair straightener. At first I wondered why? It wasn't obvious to me seeing I have dead straight hair, but I figure for when the humidity makes your hair go frizzy you can just straighten it. Still think its a bit weird. Then we had a look in the mall and had lunch. We drove down to the beach, so nice to see water and walk in lush green grass. While Shane was making sure I didn't go walk in the water due to the crocodiles that may be lurking !!!! But right now I am very excited as early tomorrow morning I am flying home to Melbourne for a few days to meet my brand new granddaughter Mikayla. So for the next couple of days I may just be uploading photos of Mikayla and Clare. 


  1. Yipeeeee, I'm so excited for you to be seeing your grandbaby finally! Fantastic news!

    Enjoy and I shall see you when I return from my get away!

    Totally weird to have a hair straightener on the wall, I sure wouldn't use it. Frizzy hair? That's why they made pony tail holders and hats for! lol


  2. Hmm. I'm curious about the hair straightener now! Davine, the photo of the town reminded me of Alice Springs ~ they must be similar.


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