Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Silverton and Sunset

The car was having some surgery this morning - not that she is sick. The company Shane's nephew works for were fitting a snorkel. Now if your like me and have no idea what a snorkel is (other than the water type) it is a part that helps air run through the motor and also stops water and dust getting into the motor. We had planned to have this procedure done while we were here in Broken Hill. Luckily they were able to lend us a company car so we could do a bit of touring. First we headed west to the very small but historic township of Silverton. Once a bustling home to 3000 with the town prospering from the mining of Silver and Lead. But in the 1880's when mining commenced in Broken Hill the town of Silverton fell into decline with many of the buildings being moved to Broken Hill. Silverton now has a population of around 60, but is far from a ghost town. It's claim to fame now is that it has been the location for many movies eg. Mad Max 2, A Town Like Alice, Razorback and more.

Mundi Mundi Plains

Silverton Hotel

Silverton Main Street

Old Silverton Church

In the late afternoon we headed to a hilltop on the outskirts of town to see the magnificent Sculpture Symposium at Sunset. The sculptures were all produced by various artists from all over the world.



  1. Sounds like you're having a great trip, and i'm enjoying being by your side (virtually). X

  2. Stunning photos Davine - great to follow your journey.

  3. This is an incredible experience you both are having. I love the Main Street with a dirt road!!
    I can just imagine the sculptures at sunset.


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