Saturday, May 11, 2013

Port Augusta to Glendambo

This morning we started our long haul northwards up through the middle of Australia. If I can work it out I will add a map to my blog to show where we are travelling, could take a while though. We left Port Augusta at around 8-15am and once again we has some pretty sparse countryside to view. The first sign we were faced with was this one. Do you want to go East or North. Now for anyone who doesn't know Australia these locations aren't just a couple of hours away that are a long long way away! Like 1000's of kilometres!!

Sign to either ends of Australia!

Along the journey we passed lots of empty lakes -
well empty of water anyway but they all had lots of salt laying in them.
 It was a pretty amazing sight.
Salt Lakes in the distance

Off in the distance it looked as though a storm was brewing and it was, but luckily by the time we got there it was just ordinary good old rain. We would probably prefer it didn't rain but this part of Australia really needs some rain badly.
Storm in the distance
 The countryside had now turned to red soil and very hardy little bushes and trees,
I guess they have to be hardy trying to live in these conditions.
Countryside around Glendambo

Finally in Glendambo, where will lay our heads for the night.
The rain is still falling, but its not that cold and we have just had a
nice dinner and a nice cold beer, so all is good in the world.

This sign gave me a giggle - but its true about the flies!!


  1. For someone like me who has no idea about Australia Geography a map would be great.
    Love the name 'Glendambo' - does it have meaning?

  2. I also laughed at that sign... it's so true so the flies weren't funny, but the sign sure is!

    So which way did you go? I'll have to stay tuned I guess to find out. :-)


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