Saturday, May 4, 2013

Mighty Rivers and more...

After a very lazy morning we decided to venture out and have a look around the area. One place I had read about was the small township of Wentworth with it's historic H.M Wentworth Goal and the Perry Sand Hills. It is also the area where two of Australia's mightiest rivers, the Murray being the longest and the Darling being the third longest rivers in Australia, meet and become one. So off we went, the gaol was very interesting. I cannot believe what some of the inmates had to endure and not all were criminals. Salvation Army members were also jailed because they didn't conform with the major religions. It was interesting at the junction where the rivers meet the water was two colours due to the heavy rains in Queensland making the Darling a lot more muddy looking. After a yummy hamburger for lunch it was a short drive to the Perry Sand Hills. They covered a much bigger area than I had imagined. Shane was not up for any climbing so off I went on my own for some fun. My question is where did all this sand come from?
The meeting of two mighty rivers.

HM Wentworth Goal

Perry Sand Hills

Now to climb to the top!!

This poor tree is being swallowed up by the sand, but surviving quite well.

Now to top my day off, Mildura have Guy Sebastian performing here tonight and it happens to be at the open air stadium over the river. So I am sitting here enjoying the concert for free.


  1. It's amazing how that tree survives in sand. Sounds like a fun day ahead of you Davinne! Have fun. :-)

  2. I bet that's not all that topped off your day ;-) shhhh

  3. What an interesting history Australia has....I've always been intrigued with you country. Pretty dramatic convergence of two rivers!
    Yes, where did that sand come from? Is it a very dry area? Maybe everything just turns into sand after a while.
    And a free concert!! What a beautiful setting!!
    thanks for stopping by today/yesterday.


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